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The Journey Continues – Chapter 4

The Journey Continues is a sequel to Journey of a Lifetime: A Group Story and continues the account of the group’s journey through more than thirty years’ work.   We continue to post a chapter each month.  Here is this month’s chapter. Please Note: Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill. 


Entering the Fifth Phase

In the fifth phase of the Group’s expressive life it worked at drawing through thoughts and ideas within the group operation. From the moment it was realised that the Group itself was a single Entity and as such was disinterested, unaware of, separate individuals within the Group, then almost automatically we found ourselves functioning within one consciousness, together apprehending something pressing upon our awareness, descending upon us.

The Group seemed subjectively to be held at a point of tension which was carried through and held with full conscious intent as we met together on the outer plane. And whereas at earlier phases in the Group’s life we found it necessary to balance forces it was now no longer a requirement. Also the subtle senses could not now be thought of in isolation but the group Entity functioned with the subtle sense as one single, whole faculty.

The Group had considered the nature of Synthesis, the understanding that everything exists as one, abstract and concrete, the centre and the periphery. We had worked with the understanding of Attraction which draws and holds together all related systems including the group and groups. And we were considering the nature of Economy or that which guarantees there is no wastage of energy in onward movement, that all proceeds with equilibrium and the needed rhythm. It is said that all is then carried ‘onward and upward and through’ into further expansions of consciousness.

It was noticed that unlike ‘onward’ and ‘upward’, ‘through’ has no opposite. We are told that this word ‘through’ describes ‘the next racial expansion of consciousness’. The Group together pondered the significance of this statement. What did it mean in terms of the work we were doing? And, if possible, what did it mean in the highest sense we could apprehend because that then would guide how we work.

A noticeable change was coming over the Group. Although we had always come together in esoteric discussion on what was emerging in consciousness, we were finding that we, as a single group entity, were drawing through thought or ideas and each one who spoke was speaking as representative of this emerging thought. This is somewhat difficult to describe in words but all members were in agreement that something new, something different was happening. The Group had entered another phase of experience, of operation – a fifth phase of the Group.

August 2001

And so we arrived at a rather remarkable meeting in August 2001. Everybody noticed a depth of change not only from the previous meeting but also from all previous meetings. We were ‘in another place’. We understood what was happening by comparison with how the meeting had operated in the past, and although there had often been new phases and changes this one was by far the most profound.

It was evident that every member in the Group was entirely focused within the group-entity consciousness and together researching the future that was emerging. Particular issues and aspects were brought to focus. There was a depth of silence behind it all that had never been known to this extent before, and a realisation that everyone was involved in this held point of tension. As it is said, the silence of the secret place settled upon the Group.

There was one point during that meeting when we all entered into actual silence for a space of some minutes, spontaneously and as one single entity. It was evident that everyone was responding to the sound, to that which was sounding, all immersed with rapt attention, together as a group – a single entity. An experience lived, recognised and understood by everyone. It was also obvious as we noticed the response to the sound of that which was emerging, that we were aware that we could not allow noise, that noise which invades a group when anyone breaks from the point of tension and begins to address personal matters or for one reason or another is following thought that separates from the group’s focused intent.

Within this experience it dawns on the group consciousness that this is life-sharing. The Entity is a living entity and we are all sharing in and expressing through that life. This is the fifth phase of the Group. Gone is any necessity to rectify anything in the Group. Moving as a single entity we increasingly will experience identical at-one-ness, life-sharing. Another thing of which we are aware is that as we experience and therefore anchor the possibility of such sharing of life we are sounding the note of sharing (which is the keynote of Aquarius) and of right relationship, right through into human awareness.

So here we all were at a particular moment in August 2001. The group entity was very much in charge and the individuals as a unity were considering not only what was emerging, but also how the word through obviates the work we have to do; how this word through could be considered and defined and understood and expressed, and the Group was meditatively in discussion. It really had moved from anything that could possibly be called concrete mind. It moved within intuitive levels.


We have grown in consciousness on this planet by living in and through form and in the process, having so identified with forms as our own true being, we seek a way to move with our developed awareness beyond the confining form nature. We note that it is within the field of time and space that human consciousness grows into its true divinity, expressed and directed. But how easily we can relate to the emotional states or mental fixations! Is it any wonder that we find ourselves exhibiting an uneven rhythm, out of kilter with life, as we live within the illusion of time? Humanity has moved so greatly within the material sense that it has lost the rhythm of the eternal, lost the rhythm of spirit, which we are recapturing on the path of return to the Father.

The resolution lies in that word through. It describes the next racial expansion of consciousness. Let us move onward and upward in Life; let us move in that space which is not form, which is between forms, even as we are not the forms, that is, within our own true dimension. Let us move through.

Those elements, if we may call them such – space or place and time – that provide the dimensions within which humanity grows to a full conscious awareness of divinity – are also illusions when identified with, when seen as that which is only the true world. How do we overcome this? We move through it. The problem is, we stop off along the way and get ourselves lost in it, indulge in it, play in it, work in it, grow in it and through it. But once we begin to address the next necessary phase in human consciousness, the monadic, which is still so far off generally speaking, then we have to see time and space as something that we use or not at will and that implies freedom from those elements that have guaranteed our possibility of achievement throughout the ages. Time to come home kids!

Through. Through what? Between? Throughout? The realisation that life permeates all, and if we identify with life as it permeates time and space then we are identified with life and not with time and space per se? That we may move with freedom within these dimensions? That we leave behind the friction of the world of form and move with the least possible effort, or expenditure of force? That we move within the rhythm of life?

On our journey in and through life we must move onward and upward and through. Onward to greater things, upward out of the material density of consciousness and through into unrestrained living expression. We do not look back. We cannot afford to waste time decrying this or that, or in regret, or concern over past error. This is a planet of ‘experimentation’ where what we find does not work we have the opportunity to leave it behind, and move on. Perhaps we do have things to repair but in the realisations of the movement onward those things dissipate from the lack of supportive energy.

We may look at the pairs of opposites. We must move onward, not backward. We must move upward, not downward. We must move through – but through has no opposite, which is quite a clue. For comparison, we may look at through as against ‘around’. Through interpenetrates, permeates and transforms energy-wise. It assures the required or necessary changes. It demonstrates movement. ‘Around’ still implies there is something ‘between’. There is nothing ‘between’ in the movement of through. ‘Around’ does not guarantee onward and upward movement as does through.

Through most definitely implies movement. There is nothing static in the universe. There is never a time when we will find there is no more to discover somewhere in the universe. Always it will be onward, upward and through. But we have come to a point in human evolution where through offers us a means for the next movement or expansion of consciousness. The way to do things? It seems so. Let us look at some examples or possibilities and discover the mode of its operation.

  • Through what? Between the pairs of opposites? We think of the message of the Buddha and the noble middle path.
  • We recall that St. Paul, in writing to the Jewish Christians, pointed to the fact that Christ passed through the curtain, that is of his own human nature, and opened the way in understanding for us also to pass in conscious awareness beyond the outer world of form and into the realm of our true being.
  • We consider that when the Life aspect is entered in full conscious awareness then the second aspect is no longer required as an intermediate position in the scale of consciousness. It gives way. Then there is a direct flow through between the monad and the etheric, the true physical body of expression, the energy body, anchoring upon the outer plane of expression.
  • When humanity really begins to express in terms of light and love and the will-to-good then the Christ can come and this will be inevitable because he cannot deny that which has invoked him. In this we understand invocation and evocation in operation and it is said that he is ‘pulled through’ into expression, and that the physical plane becomes his area of expression.
  • We also understand that when certain members of the Hierarchy move onward to higher work, making vacancies all the way down the line, then others are required to move to fill the positions vacated. Again we have the sense that they are drawn onward, upward and through. All have a great opportunity to move and to serve at a higher state of awareness, and with increased and intensified service.
  • We all know the story of the woman who, seeking healing, reached out and touched the hem of Christ’s garment. The Christ felt virtue leave him. There was no obstruction or hindrance to the free flow of healing energy that immediately moved through the Christ to the woman concerned. She received healing.
  • When we read the New Testament story of the crucifixion of the Christ we are told that the veil of the Temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom. Esoterically speaking, at that moment a rent was made in the etheric veil of the planet thus letting in the light, permitting a new type of illumination to pour through into the consciousness of humanity in a direct manner. Love could now begin to be understood and to express in a deeper sense than before.

We may see that, at an extreme point of tension and with unwavering intent, a great Son of God let in the light and made a great contribution to human consciousness. All the way through the story of Christ’s life on earth we may penetrate to deeper meanings than were understood in the past age, and note examples of principle expressed which give guidance and instruction to those who serve in our time, not only to individual disciples but to the group entities as they function in the New Day in Aquarius.

So the Group at this stage, preoccupied with the work ahead and maintaining an unwavering and united point of tension, recognised the energies flowing into and through the Group and knew that the work could proceed rapidly and without hindrance.

Application into the work

We had considered much about that word through but what would happen if it were in operation in the events and circumstances of our group life and our individual lives? What may we expect to see if the required energies and influences flowed unimpeded through us into the many situations and challenges experienced by us and by those associated with us? And also into inter-group life?

We were aware that the flow of energies pouring through the Group and out into the world at large was of major concern as the new thinking leading into a new day made its presence felt out into the affairs of humanity as a whole. We understood our task as the direction of these energies and that of all groups involved with the growth of human consciousness, the task of the one world group of servers to which we all belong.

This book presents a new perspective on world service, developed through the group’s experiment, recognising the subjective reality behind the outer world of living. The group recognises the value of ‘living life from the inside out’ with the understanding of the oneness of life and the transformative perspective that this realisation brings. Just as the personality is intended to reflect the soul, its higher counterpart, the group in the world is the outer expression of the living reality of the inner group. Here is a contribution to the world work as the world responds to the new incoming energies of Aquarius. Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill

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