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The Journey Continues – Chapter 5

The Journey Continues is a sequel to Journey of a Lifetime: A Group Story and continues the account of the group’s journey through more than thirty years’ work.   We continue to post a chapter each month.  Here is this month’s chapter. Please Note: Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill. 

CHAPTER FIVE – Things Were Beginning to Happen

The group members decided to enter upon a project of experimentation with the movement and effects of the idea through as applied within our thinking, within our everyday lives and within our service activities. We recognised the possibilities of implementing required change, resolution, onward movement in and through situations and basically, observing just how the energies were set in motion or moved into expression as we understood and held the point of tension or focus in thought. We all agreed to compare notes and to share our insights and discoveries, some of which follow.

One group member spoke of ‘sharing’ and that it held a particular significance in the world of this moment. She commented:

“Sharing is so related to through – when we share we allow something to flow throughout the scope of the sharing.  Ultimately we are sharing life, as everything we share is related to life and to that life more abundant. The abundance is in the extension through sharing – that is how we allow abundance to manifest – through sharing.

“Sharing is also automatic when we live oneness, when there are no barriers in one’s nature. The sharing we see happening in the world is a symptom and a triumphant affirmation of the externalisation of the inner oneness. This comes from the heart of humanity through the ‘ordinary’ men and women who donate, give, share what they have – such as the donations to the humanitarian agencies and appeals. There is certainly a will to share – it needs only to be galvanised into global coordinated expression – into livingness.

“But sharing is applied to all dimension – spiritual sharing, life sharing, is the natural state of being. We have just to realise it into outer expression.”

The following are comments from a member of the Group who is in her 88th year and who nowadays attends meetings infrequently and yet is ever attuned to, and merged with, the group life and awareness.

“For so long I have served with this Group and have entered an experience of Oneness that I can only describe as ‘divine ecstasy’. The door was opened by the group life and together we walked through. I know a freedom not known before. It is freedom from fear, freedom from confinement, but more than that, it is the freedom of life itself. It redefines many things, outlooks, attitudes and understanding in general.

“Earlier approaches are made trivial in my sight. We may think about contacting a previous incarnation or ‘event’ but once living and expressing within a state of oneness, all past lives appear as just one and the same life we have been experiencing.

“Recently I was in my chemist’s shop and in the flash of a moment I ‘became the chemist’ and could see everything in the shop through his eyes. It was a startling experience demonstrating to me just how at-one everyone is.”

A third group member spoke of continuing experiences of synchronicity in thought between herself and others on her team in the world of business:

“Explaining this, trying to write it down, is like meshing words together to describe something that is ‘experienced’ and the true meaning is found in being immersed in this state – not in the words that only end up putting boundaries and artificial form and structure around it.

“When we operate with a sense of through, we do not view things serially. When knowledge is passed on (like from generation to generation; from teacher to student; from boss to subordinate – in fact the whole learning experience as we know it now), then time is indeed serially experienced. We can only learn the next thing after we have learnt the current thing – because there is a sequence. We need to know ‘this’ before we can learn ‘that’.

“But our consciousnesses work together (as part of a group consciousness) and through permeation of our energies and being (osmosis?), then all just ‘is’. We are in sync; sharing awareness; interconnected – then we have access to all. It is instant, as the knowledge is not passed down or along in a ‘serial time fashion’. It is there to access through our consciousness and awareness, blending to the shared common purpose.

“’Seriality’ has no meaning because it is all there for us to merge, blend, permeate and use as required – as a group fusion of purpose – not for individual purpose.”

Another co-worker told of the following experience:

“Recently I was involved in a photoshoot and when afterwards I reflected on the day it seemed there were elements of through in operation.

“In hindsight it was astonishing to realise that although none of the people involved had worked together before, they lost no time with the usual ‘getting to know each other’ pleasantries and immediately attended to fulfilling their role in the task at hand.

“The make-up artist barely said hello before wanting to locate the nearest power point for the hot-rollers. After a brief confirmation of the ‘look’ we were going for, she proceeded quietly with make-up and hair for the next two hours.

“At the studio the actor changed into costume, final adjustments were made to hair and make-up, while I briefed the photographer, and then it began…

“I had anticipated that we would need the whole day to take the series of photographs which required changes of make-up, hair, wardrobe, lighting, etc. However, the assembled team quietly adopted a rhythm that was characterised by:

    • a creative tension (i.e. taut focus on purpose freely including all participants’ creative energy)
    • a quietness on the set (devoid of any extraneous conversation other than that related to achieving the purpose)
    • an obliviousness to time (whilst at the same time working quickly but without any sense of pressure or even any awareness of time)
    • a sense of economy (we knew we had the right shot without straining the resources with overshooting and multiple variations. Also I was aware that when we had the shot there was an energy shift which marked completion)

“It would be a mistake to assume that the quietness on the set was devoid of joy, laughter and a sense of fun – these qualities were present. However, the ‘noise’ that happens when individuals are preoccupied with matters other than the task at hand – either by word, thought or deed – was absent. All participants were fully present and focused on the task at hand. And we finished two hours early!!

“Afterwards in explaining to a friend the feeling on the shoot I said there was a sense of ‘ease’ or ‘effortlessness’ about the day which results from holding the point of tension. Only an apparent paradox. We could say that all involved did a professional job and indeed they did. But that doesn’t exactly encapsulate the experience on the day which was more than mere professionalism – it was beyond that – a quiet focused taut team rhythmically and effectively performed a task as if they had all worked together for years.”

An actor speaking to one of the group members shared the following:

“Regardless of what they may say, it’s not until you’re working with another actor that you know in a moment their motivation for wanting to act. It is present, beyond the scene you’re doing. You sense it immediately – everything revealed in a moment. And if you are truly open then an intimate exchange may take place through the work where you ‘merge’ with the other person. It’s related to understanding them deeply and, consequently, you feel like you take a bit of them with you forever, and you suspect they do likewise.”

Another group member shared the following account:

“In one of my classes there was a senior student who had always been ‘difficult’. She had been highly reactive, hypersensitive and frequently confrontational. I had allowed things to limp along for some time, mainly concerned with containing the situation so that it did not disrupt the learning for everyone else. One lesson however, I ran out of patience, having sorely tired of her rudeness and borderline abuse. There was a direct confrontation in which I asked her to leave and not return until she could be polite. I subsequently referred the matter to my senior who undertook to support me with a mediated resolution. Unfortunately the ‘mediation’ that followed did not go well, resulting in the student attacking me in a vindictive and personal way. While I felt disempowered and upset by this, at least the students had been put on notice that if she chose to return to class it was on the condition that she caused no further disruption. Also, at the student’s request, I agreed not to discuss any of her work unless she asked for feedback.

“The mediation and subsequent pseudo-resolution disturbed it and I discussed this with a co-worker, seeking support and a more constructive perspective. She assured me that there would be ‘a way through’ the situation and we resolved to hold that thought in focus.

“The first lesson the student returned to class I felt some trepidation. As I stood at the front of the room and began the lesson I made eye contact with each of the students. I was aware of a feeling of hostility and a confrontational stare from this student and as I looked at her I experienced initially anxiety and stress, but then over the top of this another feeling swept in. It felt as though there was a powerful but subtle exchange between us in which loving energy was drawn forth from my heart centre. I was aware of all stress dissipating, of all expectations dissolving, and of a feeling of loving impartiality towards her. I maintained this attitude and in so doing the situation seemed diffused. The student seemed affected too, her stare ceased and she just blended into the class, hostility apparently forgotten.

“Over the weeks I continued to operate with the same loving attitude and respected her request for ‘space’. On one occasion she appeared to bait me, however I just looked her directly and silently in the eyes, and she quietened. Gradually, she began to approach me for help with her work and while there was never a sense of closeness or friendship between us, there was a more respectful working relationship free of aggravation.”

And the story unfolded further:

“After the last group meeting I had been thinking about thoroughness as a process and even an attitude with which to approach things/situations/people. Perhaps a ‘modus operandi’, keeping in mind the idea of ‘rhythm’ and the ‘least possible effort’, not as a tactic but as a way through.

“My school is rich with opportunities to apply such an approach…

“Recently there has been a lot of conflict in the school among the staff over the implementation of a new assessment and reporting system as a result of a new curriculum.

“A few weeks ago we had a staff meeting that was particularly fractious at which an administrator handled things in a way which allowed for me to be attacked by a very vocal, negative minority resisting change. The issues discussed were subsequently ‘resolved’ by unsatisfactory compromise.

“A couple of weeks after this we had another staff meeting at which we were to discuss another potentially inflammatory issue. Initially, the relieving principal planned to lead the discussion after which I would facilitate some kind of vote-type finish. However, at short notice she decided she would go to the Student Forum on the same issue instead. After this piece of delegation by abdication, I was then left to negotiate with the second in charge. At that point, I decided to ‘do it myself’. That weekend I focused on the notion of a way through and held that thought.

“Come the Monday meeting, I introduced the issues and facilitated the discussion as planned, all the while being aware of having no agenda, of not controlling the discussion, of allowing all of us to find a way through. I became aware of a descending calm in the room, of a ‘space’ opening up, of a freeing up of energy. People spoke freely, there were silences, there was no argument or debate in which one tried to make another agree, everyone’s contributions were accepted as equal, and some people spoke who rarely do. After the meeting several people came to me to comment on how calm it had been.

“I was amazed and delighted by what seemed to be the transformation of our staff. I had never experienced such an amiable, peaceful meeting our school. It gave me hope that we can be a harmoniously interactive staff and it confirmed to me that transformation can be immediate and significant.’

And here is another contribution:

“The way I see this Group working…

“There are moments of silence and stillness within the Group which allow in a certain energy and which facilitates the group ‘flow’. This way of group functioning draws forth the individual into the whole and through the interaction of the members is woven a kind of fabric – the fabric of consciousness, an expression of the new.

“I see implications in this for the way I work in an education setting. I am aware of another possibility for leadership that seems more inclusive (i.e. everyone being the leader together) that involves allowing in the energy for change such that the staff group themselves bring the change into manifestation in the way that is right for them.

“This is contrary to the leadership I see around me both in theory and practice in that it does not involve one or a small group of people having a ‘vision’, which is then used to inspire others who then come ‘on board’ (for the ride!). It does not require convincing others or getting others to agree to something. It actually requires the ‘opening up’ of a space, a silence, a stillness, into which can flow an energy that is non-threatening, that promises to ‘hear’ everyone and that allows creativity to emerge from lots of people.

“I am aware that to facilitate such a process I can have no thought for my own self in this and not a care for my reputation or whatever, and this is where I see others fall into an unproductive process of leadership. There needs to be nothing at stake and especially no agenda or preconceived expectations of outcomes.”

Another co-worker was surprised to notice the exceptionally free flow of thought between group members, even telepathically registered, and made the following observation:

“As I spoke with a co-worker and made a particular comment I was aware in a flash of the response from her mind and that we were both aware of this immediate communication. We laughed together as we compared our thought about the spontaneity of the happening.

“It occurred to me that in a group that leaves behind personal emphasis and identifications, thought moves freely and is known to each and all. Then through-ness exists – there is a free flow through and between all – no need, no impulse, to erect protective barriers as do separated personalities. This is a soul group, a group soul, in operation.”

Another shared an experience of ‘simultaneous awareness’:

“Sitting quietly in the kitchen, contemplating my work at the table, immersed in thought. Children playing together, coming over, asking questions, exchanging a few words, including me in their games. I’m in both – my thoughts, their games … our voices; blending like instruments in a piece of musical harmony. My consciousness seems expanded while I exist within two states of being – one inner, one outer. I experience simultaneous awareness and all seems at peace in a state of perfect balance. I speculate on the development of human consciousness as an expansive one in which we act consciously within the world and exist consciously within a state of being.”

And finally, another’s experience:

“Over the past few months I have been contacting different people at the moment that they were about to contact me – this has occurred a couple of times a week. This elicited such comments as ‘You’re a mind reader’, ‘I can’t believe it, I just had your business card out ready to call you’, ‘You must have been reading my thoughts – I was just about to call you’ and so on. This has happened with people that I have worked with over the years and hence know well but also with people that I have never met and only talked to on the phone a few times. So it is not just the case that when you get to know someone so well, you can think as one or be in tune with them – it happens with ‘strangers’.

“It is not a case of telepathy or reading someone’s mind because it is not as proactive or ‘projective’ as that. It is an awareness of things that have to be done when working on projects and the awareness of people involved in this work. Working jointly on activities, you are in the same space so to speak, and therefore communication seems to be by infusion (though this is not the best word to describe it – immersion in the same space therefore a permeation of thought which provides direct access to knowledge). When you are in this space (even for a split moment) things don’t seem to work sequentially – i.e. you think of me and hence this triggers me to think of you and pick up the phone. It happens at the same time, or so it seems. That is why time is an illusion as we think that we have to have cause and effect rather than being in the same space and ‘sharing’ knowledge.”

* * * * *

As the Group began to focus thought within the significance of that idea through we discovered it in operation within our everyday lives. But more importantly there was the realisation of its vaster significance within the greater scheme of things, its function in the movement onward in the consciousness of the human race.

* * * * *

Snippets from A Group Conversation on Through


“May we think of through in terms of ‘breakthrough’? I am reminded of that story of the crucifixion and that the veil of the temple was rent in twain. We considered the fact that Christ passed through the curtain of his own human nature and opened the way before us. But also as Head of Hierarchy he rent the veil which hid Hierarchy from the sight of the human kingdom, symbolically speaking. He made it possible for easier contact to be made between humanity and Hierarchy.

“Can we see a service, a contribution, to the work of our time, to the next phase of conscious communication, in breaking through that seemingly impenetrable reality of time, space, distance, that deceives our consciousness, and into a much more rapid, clearer communication with Hierarchy or the spiritual kingdom, one which is not confused or separated by the world of forms? As individuals and as a group may we open the way forward for humanity, following Christ’s example?”


“Another thought that occurs is that we are considering an expansion of consciousness as we enter a new and greater dimension so that we are no longer separate from it. At the same time as we enter into these worlds we find their energies entering into us, becoming a driving force in our lives. We may well understand how necessary it is to stand at the centre of our being otherwise there will be the danger of personality stimulation and the risk of disruption and misuse of the energies contacted.”

The Eye of the Needle

“Another angle is that it is impossible to go through and cart a whole heap of rubbish with us. This is the actuality. It is an aspect of the ‘eye of the needle’ story. Said Christ: ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.’

“Some Old Testament exponents have thought this allusion is historical fact. It is said there was a gate that led into Jerusalem that was too low to allow a loaded camel through and the camel had to be unloaded to pass into the city. The gate was called ‘the Eye of the Needle’.

“So we cannot carry our burdens through the gates. In other words, there’s no point in trying to embrace this task if you’re going to keep carting this baggage with you. We may be ever so willing to work in this way, recognise it as the next step, but still be stuck with all those things that prevent that next step, inhibiting breakthrough.”

Moving on

“And we cannot hang back because other may want us to stay back with them. We must move on and so leave a line of light. No one every served a planet by being convinced that they had to stay back and not move because others were not ready. Through reveals this principle. Christ moved through the curtain of his own human nature. Unless we move through to our own true being we are not serving by opening the way through to the next expansion of consciousness for the race.”

The Heart

“Our motivation is on behalf of the human race. We work from the heart – from the centre of life and love. We recognise that circulation of the ‘life more abundantly’ proceeding out from the heart of Life itself, beating at the very centre of the universe. And we know our role to be distributors of Life and not so much recipients.”

There are a few teachers in the Group and the following thought was evoked during this conversation:


“Thinking about education in our schools and universities, it seems our discussion could be most applicable to the changes many recognise are needed in our education system today. How may we consider this word through in this regard? Are we looking at drawing through? We may touch that point in others that they also find themselves speaking with us from that centre.

“In recent times we have searched out truer approaches to education and its true meaning. We have pointed to the Latin educare, to lead out. In the time we are entering it may be more a matter of ‘drawing out’ or ‘through’ than ‘leading out’ – through from our centre – from their centre – a touching at the centre. There is a realisation of the magnetic in the process.”


Through brings the best solution and allows life to express regardless of apparent obstruction or the forces which would restrain or restrict onward movement for the good of the whole. Let us note that we cannot assist if we are projecting those same forces.”

“When things appear magically to come together and flow, we note that we could not have planned a better outcome even with the best of thought. As inner sight (realisation) develops (clears) we will note the source, the origin, and note how energies and forces move through into expression from the poised centre of loving will or intention.”


Through compels us to perceive in terms of energy and to focus on that which pervades form.”


“May we liken through to radioactivity which is said to ‘go through everything’ just like radio waves?”

* * * * *

Understanding the Operation of Through

“How does through move into operation? Rather than engaging in a mental search let us experiment with it intuitively, in life expression and experience. We need to employ it and we may then define its operation as we see it working out in our own experience.”

Finally someone reminded us of the statement:

“Revelation flows through me, I know it not.”

We may continue to find many examples of the significance of that word through in operation. It expresses the rhythm of life; it demonstrates the absence of force, the way of energy flow. It can express in every field of human endeavor without exception. When people focus in, work from, the centre of their being there is a free flow soul to soul between them. The same is true of groups. There can be a free exchange between groups anywhere in the world. It is the basis of true understanding and cooperative endeavour.

This book presents a new perspective on world service, developed through the group’s experiment, recognising the subjective reality behind the outer world of living. The group recognises the value of ‘living life from the inside out’ with the understanding of the oneness of life and the transformative perspective that this realisation brings. Just as the personality is intended to reflect the soul, its higher counterpart, the group in the world is the outer expression of the living reality of the inner group. Here is a contribution to the world work as the world responds to the new incoming energies of Aquarius. Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill

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