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The Journey Continues – Chapter 7

The Journey Continues is a sequel to Journey of a Lifetime: A Group Story and continues the account of the group’s journey through more than thirty years’ work.   We continue to post a chapter each month.  Here is this month’s chapter. Please Note: Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill. 

CHAPTER SEVEN – Oneness to Synthesis

Do we really believe we know what Oneness is in actuality? Oneness is that essential unity which underlies the whole of creation. It is non-separateness, a universal inclusiveness. The only true way Oneness may be revealed is as it is seen expressing through the life of one who knows and demonstrates its nature by conscious participation in the basic unity.

We stand at a time when we as a human race have created myriad forms through which we express our intention, our understanding and our purpose. Humanity has a great tenacity to hold on to whatever it creates. Anything that becomes an established organisation or a form of teaching is in danger of believing it owns a superior philosophy or an exclusive correctness which then can exclude the creative formulas or organisation of others or impose its viewpoint upon others. It is the basis of disagreement, conflict and oppression.

Along came the reformists who resisted oppression and demanded freedom to express within a different set of forms. Although this was a step in the right direction, a breaking free from a particular tyranny, it was only addressing the problem in the same dimension – within the world of form – a moving of things around in the plane of effects without reference to or understanding of the deeper realm of cause. It invariably led to further conflict. And yet humanity continued to learn through the experience as it always does.

With clearer vision we understand that rather than reformation the answer lies in transformation – the movement across to another dimension of being – the recognition of the spiritual quality that informs and enlightens the form.

Unless we can capture the vision that is behind and emerging through any form of expression we still remain a prisoner of form Do we see any of the writings teachings or groups to which we may respond or subscribe as revealing that which is entirely other than themselves? What is not usually understood is that reality not only exists apart from the form but so far beyond it that the written or spoken word is no more than an approximation of something that is beyond confinement in any such form. In a similar sense we may express reality through many forms of expression, including our life expression, and to our degree of realisation it approximates the reality. At the same time it remains concealed from the many who focus upon its form.

In our prodigal journey we have forgotten. We have not created oneness. It exists. We have forgotten. But we have created forms. We have been very good at it, abundantly so! But if we ever feel we have ‘the last word’, that everything is based in that or revolves around it, that there is nothing more to add, then we have closed the door on further enlightenment and added to the belief in separation. As we enter the new era the inclusive nature of the energies of Aquarius show up the situation in sharp relief.

What is needed? We see the response to the recognised need of the present time already in operation all around the world. Individuals merge and work in groups for the human family, for the planet and its environment and for the greater scheme of things.

There follows the recognition that the world groups are part of one great movement. Each group is responsible for some piece or aspect of the work as a whole. Some groups may come together at times in a cooperative project or in conference but it is the realisation of the unity of intention and not of the forms that is required to make a transformative impact into human consciousness. It is as the world groups together reveal this essential unity behind the world of forms that they guarantee the movement forward of the human consciousness as a whole.

In other words, we need to be demonstrating our internal unity, our understanding of the nature of Oneness, and not perpetuate past error in emphasis upon the form side, believing it useful or even wise to pressure the group forms together or to canvass for numbers to fill out any group form. When group principles are truly understood and in operation a group will attract, will draw to itself by its very radiatory life expression, all those workers whose task lies within that group, and they then work together with the group members already involved.

If we observe life, events and our work from the inner side then we have a clear picture freed from the obscuring nature of forms, including those of the concrete mind, that can convince us of the rectitude of external assessments and decisions. In a more obvious scenario we may see those engaged in programs for human betterment and aid working selflessly, often in dire circumstances, and without thought for anything other than the demands of the task before them. On the other hand we may observe vested interests holding great monopolies in world trade and commodities, even to the basic necessities of life, building massive forms and structures for profit while they shut their eyes to the suffering of the great numbers of humanity without sufficient food, shelter, medicines and all that is basic to human development and dignity.

This may seem an extreme comparison but spiritual groups themselves may not be free from this very same pattern if they believe they have the best or only way. They can be equally as guilty of creating this separative attitude as are the monopolies of the vested interests who deprive humanity of material sustenance. These groups deprive humanity of the spiritual sustenance.

It is not unknown that a person, an organisation or a group may believe they have a monopoly on truth or the best way – the best way for some yes, if it is natural to them. But can we see the many ways as serving the many types and that the inner unity reflects into the outer group expression? It is in actuality the supportive energy which we all experience as we work together for the progress of the wok of the world.

It pays us to check the nature of the forces that are constantly being emitted from our group. Are they promoting that essential unity imperative to the resolution of world problems so identifiable as stemming from separative beliefs and attitudes? Or are they reinforcing or stimulating the separative forces already rampant across the planet? Are we a part of the solution in energy as well as in activity? A sobering thought!

Wherever we may find individuals within a group fighting for an individual viewpoint to be accepted and instituted by the others in the group and generally holding back onward movement and response to a world in the process of vast change, then we are challenged to assess the forces let loose. It may not be noticed that such forces emitted by a group may be of a similar vibration to the far more obvious aggression intensifying in the world of today and before us daily on our television screens.

These forces emitted by a group can add to the forces of aggression even though the group may feel it is working for the good of the world whole. This problem exists where a group or individuals in a group have not yet moved from the personal focus into that of the soul or true group understanding. This recognition should encourage all of us to submerge the personal in favour of the soul expression of the group. It can be a particularly difficult and blind stage for any group.

The fact is that unless we are expressing the pure essence of Oneness in and through our group life and work we may still be adding to those old persuasive thought forms from a past age or we may be in danger of materialising or distorting the Aquarian vision along with its themes of soul or group awareness, oneness, freedom and service to the world and its humanity.

Thoughts from a group member

“As we can all observe the same things and the same breadth and scope of life then we are all observing from the same point. We are one at that point that is not of the manifesting world but operates through it and observes it unfolding. It is interesting how TV and the media assist us to all be at the same point of observation.

“When we focus as a group on the emerging realisations we are taking up that point of oneness and are experiencing oneness. We have then only to realise it and live it through the world.

“I have been testing this out for some time without realising that was what I was doing. When I watch my personality reacting to something and realise that I am just observing it as something external to the observing point of light I am, the reaction falls away and no longer touches the realised ‘centre’ of being. It’s like shrugging off a too tightly fitting coat!

“Watching the world leaders and nations going through the same process in their own sphere of operation is very interesting. The reactive begins to become responsive to something else, something more, which renders the lesser identification irrelevant. It is an inspiring point of shift that is rippling through the world at the moment as we realise that we are all at the heart of the matter – the one heart, the human heart and the heart of the centre of our system.

“We are all hubs in the internet of human consciousness which is yet the one hub of life. All the manifesting world flows out from there, taking form and dissolving and taking new forms – yet we remain there at the centre of life, eternally there when all has come and gone, directing the ordered outflow that expresses Being in Matter.”

What is Synthesis?

Can you imagine our world when the reality of Oneness is understood and expresses in a synthesis of endeavour towards the advancement of humankind, of all peoples and nations and indeed of all forms of life on the planet? Can you imagine what possible revelation may then dawn on our sight?

Wherever we find movements to bring unity and understanding, to bridge apparent gaps, to restore right human relationship, there we see the living energies of Oneness and Synthesis beginning to express.

But until we recognise the oneness that underlies all forms, basically that oneness that sees no separation and that knows there are no divisions in spiritual existence, we will not truly understand the nature of Synthesis, of the first aspect of divinity from which will emerge the new approach to God and the new civilisation.

What is Synthesis? It is never diminished; it contains all within it. It is beyond differentiation yet it is that great unity which incorporates every part, which is behind the creation of every part. It is the One and the many. It is Life itself.

As we stand at the beginning of a new time of emergence on our planet we understand that we have the responsibility to apprehend and bring into form that which life seeks to express in order to further the evolutionary growth of the human race as we move into Aquarius with all its newly contacted influences and energies.

When we approach the task from the recognition of synthesis, of the life aspect, we find we are focused within that undifferentiated area. It is complete, it is a whole, and we realise that it is only as there is a necessity for that next recognition to descend into expression that division or differentiation takes place. It is not a matter of ‘going in there’ and taking hold of something that Life may now wish to express. We cannot say “Oh there it is, let’s take that bit.’ It is only as we understand that spirit informs matter from the planes of synthesis, from the formless worlds, that we understand our task (under such inspiration) to create the new forms or change present forms into more adequate forms to convey or approximate Life’s intention for the next evolutionary movement, the expression of the new life in a new day.

It is important that we present a new outline, formulate ‘change-statements’, so that people are not held by the past ways, so they can begin to see where the onward movement is taking us, freeing the group from where it arrived at the end of the Piscean era so that it can begin to embrace those newer ideas and word forms and all those things which will convey the new moment. Life demands it.

Even disciples do not generally understand Synthesis. We have all been busy applying ourselves to the development of the intuition. The new race, already appearing among us, will be more responsive to the newer thought. They are naturally intuitive. The challenge for them is responsiveness to the next higher expression, the spiritual will. This is where we are heading and the members of the new race will no doubt be a part of that movement leading into this new time.

Let us give thought to cultivating an understanding of Oneness, Synthesis and Being.

This book presents a new perspective on world service, developed through the group’s experiment, recognising the subjective reality behind the outer world of living. The group recognises the value of ‘living life from the inside out’ with the understanding of the oneness of life and the transformative perspective that this realisation brings. Just as the personality is intended to reflect the soul, its higher counterpart, the group in the world is the outer expression of the living reality of the inner group. Here is a contribution to the world work as the world responds to the new incoming energies of Aquarius. Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill

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