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The Journey Continues – Introduction

The Journey Continues is a sequel to Journey of a Lifetime: A Group Story and continues the account of the group’s journey through more than thirty years’ work.   We continue to post a chapter each month.  Here is this month’s chapter. Please Note: Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill. 


Learning to fly

One memorable day when I was ten years old the school Headmistress was looking after the class for an absent teacher. The class was mapping the Australian continent on graph paper. Providing one stayed within the guidelines one was assured of making the outline continuous and of correct shape. However, this one ten year old arrived at the west coast from the east and Australia no longer looked quite the same. So she walked out to the front desk and said to the Headmistress, “Mrs Rose, I can’t make this fit.” Mrs Rose replied, “There is no such thing as can’t!” And the small girl immediately thought, “I can’t fly” but did not dare voice that opinion. Mrs Rose knew everything! We must take her statement seriously. And so one small girl discovered that we could indeed fly as the true beings we are and within our natural dimension. The physical world is then no prison, but the realm in which we learn, grow and serve the Race.

Come fly with me…


A short time following the publication of Journey of a Lifetime: A Group Story it became evident in our awareness that this first book was introductory, serving as a platform from which to present the deeper significances of the work and of the understanding now available within the group life and work into the future. A second ‘statement’, emerging as a second book, began to appear deep in thought levels, insinuating itself into and through the expression of the group consciousness and its point of focused activity.

The newly emerging thought gained in clarity as we noted its movement onward from previously defined states of awareness, group issues and requirements, as shared with readers in Journey of a Lifetime. The attempts to define group issues in word forms had endowed us with a yardstick, a tool of comparison, by which we could more readily identify the change, the movement and deepening in the group consciousness, and the demands now made upon the Group in terms of ongoing and future service.

For example: A key understanding that governed the way of working from the Group’s inception more than 30 years ago was termed ‘working from the inside out’. Rather than holding focus upon the outer planes of living and endeavouring to penetrate the inner levels, the Group transferred its consciousness and its living processes to the inner levels and observed and directed life and operations from that ‘elevated’ viewpoint, thus affording untrammelled vision of human expression and affairs, of group work and personnel, and of the new possibilities emerging into expression in a New Day upon our planet.

By comparison, this new moment so recently emerging in the group awareness in the middle of the year 2001 saw the Group move through into much deeper areas of understanding. The attempt to find wording to define the experience of seemingly formless states, and the ensuing demands and significances in the group work, was even more challenging than before. We had now entered an area, and awareness, in which our group life, incorporating each and every individual member, was one with Life itself. This is no mystical state. It is a state of awareness which is clearly known and in which we are conscious participants. It is so much deeper in realisation than ‘working from the inside out’ although that experience may be a useful or even necessary preliminary. It is an obvious ‘next step’ as the Life aspect begins to supersede emphasis upon the consciousness aspect in human possibilities.

We noted also that the first statement of the Group, Journey of a Lifetime, briefly outlined the Group’s journey from its early days, through time, from the past up to the present moment of writing. But now we stand at that point where we recognise we are expressing, working, in and into the future. We contact new energies. We anticipate new expressions of Life in descent into our planet, outpicturing in new, more adequate and suitable forms for the future ongoing life in Aquarius. For the creation of such forms we all are responsible. The new life cannot be pressured into outmoded forms.

In this book we will endeavor to share our experience with all who may wish to travel this continuing journey with us and with the myriad other servers upon this Way. We will endeavor to address this movement in awareness through the various aspects we are identifying, and even this is merely a beginning.

And so, the Group moves onward in Life from the first four phases identified in Journey of a Lifetime and enters into Phase Five.

* The capitalized letter G throughout this book identified the Group whose story is told in these pages.


The Vision of Oneness

Why is oneness so important to consider? It is the basic reality of the system. Let us take a trip into the formless worlds, into those states that are before we find anything made manifest. What if we were a Logos creating a world designed to bring its inhabitants through many and various stages to a realisation of their relationship, their identification with that Logos, their Father? And then on to the knowledge of the purpose behind it all?

The Logos in deep thought and meditation plans his creation, his design, and breathes it forth on the wings of sound into actual being. In its descent from the rarity of its subtle origin it begins to take on substance through the planes, increasingly growing in density and diversity ever outward and downward, taking on colour, depth, matter, form, and all imbued with the divine essence of life.

Long are the ages his children wander through this world unknowing but gradually developing sense of apprehension and recognizing with a growing intelligence the nature of their environment and their relationship within it. But they have long since forgotten their divine origin in their necessity to become identified within the created world which offers them the opportunity themselves to become conscious creators just as their Father.

~  ~  ~

So the Logos, after many aeons, decided to send Enlightened Ones to teach his children and bring them more rapidly to the realisation of their true estate. The Enlightened Ones arrived among the children at various intervals and taught them what they next needed to understand to take further steps along the Way. But it always seemed to happen that, because of the stages of development of the children at any time, when the Teacher left, the children were inclined to embroider and distort the Teaching applying it in the denser world rather than within the realms of their growth in consciousness. So the Teaching invariably became materialized whereas if the true meaning had been apprehended and the children had truly absorbed its essence into their consciousness then they would have expressed its truth outward into the through their lives, more closely and truly representing the message the Teacher had brought. The world of the form-life had taken such a strong hold!

Because of this failure to understand the nature of consciousness and that they were actually spiritual beings, a further complication arose. The various Teachers who visited the world encapsulated the living essence of the Teaching in a variety of forms and representations. The children, ever clinging to the form, focused on the differences they observed between the forms of the Teaching and failed to see the same living plan of their Father running through every form. And so an enmity sprang up between them and they pitted one Teacher, one form of the Teaching, against another. They even took up arms against one another, brother and sister fighting over forms, oblivious of their common heritage and the spiritual life they all shared.

But there were always those in any time who understood the truth, who saw it shining through the forms. They held it in their hearts and often banded together in groups and protected the true essence. Thus the Wisdom remained in the world, the great open secret, hidden from those who saw only with the material eyes, but ever present and giving life to all.

Eventually there came a time when the forces of truth and of error, of reality and of distortion, were of equal balance and the race stood at a place where they faced a decision of which path to take. One led in the direction of the spiritual kingdoms and their true home and the other into even deeper materialism and conflict. The first embraced the reality of the oneness of all life, of all peoples, and the other knew nothing but separation. It was a time of great crisis and choice stood clearly open as never before.

However, the many who understood the spiritual path, aided by the Teachers standing with them in the subtle dimension, were now in such strength as to enable the light to break through into the world, illumining consciousness and revealing the reality of Oneness within which all existed. At the same time, the shadows of separation became obvious but those who dwelt within them clung to them and turned away from the light. But the world of shadows was no longer supportable by those who could see and who proceeded to work with vigour and with insight to restore the plan of their Father and to prepare the way for the Teacher who was to come in their time.

This book presents a new perspective on world service, developed through the group’s experiment, recognising the subjective reality behind the outer world of living. The group recognises the value of ‘living life from the inside out’ with the understanding of the oneness of life and the transformative perspective that this realisation brings. Just as the personality is intended to reflect the soul, its higher counterpart, the group in the world is the outer expression of the living reality of the inner group. Here is a contribution to the world work as the world responds to the new incoming energies of Aquarius. Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill.

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