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The Joy of the Unknown
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The Joy of the Unknown

A new world is arising. It is so close!

A new world is arising. It is so close! – even though we may not see it while caught up in the increasing difficulties of navigating the current world to survive. This is a subtle birth – invisible to material eyes – for it comes through the expanding human heart. While that heart may be tested, the testing is also expanding our realisation of what is true and what are merely illusory fabrications bringing temporary comfort while denying the inevitable revelation of what is true and real. Increasingly we are experiencing this revelation. It is accelerating as the dynamic of the current world moves towards its inevitable outcomes. We are reminded to look beyond the surface events:

The Invisible World takes part in the earthly life much more than is generally supposed. … Everyone has a heart, and everyone has an energy potential contained within that heart, which means that the New World is not prohibited to anyone. We say that the New World is cognition of the Invisible, even if that cognition is at a rudimentary stage. Even that degree of understanding would set life on new foundations.
… When people strive to cognize the Invisible, it will become clear how imperceptibly the strata of the new consciousness are being formed, and how this consciousness is changing the essence of life.” Heart 40.

As we begin to see through the shapeshifting of outer appearances, we glimpse the new world and hear its music

How challenging it can seem to keep stretching our resources of hope as the pandemic continues to dominate our lives; as constant war, such as the war in Ukraine, persists despite our disbelief in the distortions of truth that sustain it; as action to avert climate change is persistently compromised; and as outmoded attitudes continue to direct our public institutions and the distribution of life resources, widening the gap between those who have too little and those who have too much. Yet with more of us seeing through and questioning the old failing structures, attitudes and values, we are together revealing the essential truth behind the outer representations that have become so fractured by the pursuit of material power and image. As we begin to see through the shapeshifting of outer appearances, we glimpse the new world and hear its music:

Keep your eye on the many events taking place. They cannot be thought of as chance occurrences; rather, they are spreading across the world according to a certain law. It is as if invisible hands were touching numerous strings. Moreover, you can notice that formerly silent strings are beginning to resonate again, and more powerfully than ever. Those who understand Armageddon to be a field in which signs of the highest energy manifest are correct. This battlefield cannot be something that arises accidentally; rather, it is like a magnet that attracts opposing energies. The field of the future City of Light is destined to act as a counterbalance to this battlefield. Just as the existence of the field of Armageddon is proclaimed by the clash and clatter of arms, the existence of the field of the City of Light is proclaimed by the peal of bells. According to the contrast, one can judge the dimensions of the destined. So you might turn your ears to the din of the battle in order to hear the ringing of the bells.” Heart 253.

We may not yet fully perceive this new world of light, but we can prepare for it with a conscious readiness

Truth is the great and pervasive foundation of the life of the soul. As we begin to recognise it we open the way for the light of the soul to shine through this weary world and point the way to that glorious new world of light where the invisible and the visible meet. Here is where the deeper and vaster dimensions of being elevate and nurture all in harmonious relationship with each other within the one great Life, the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. We may not yet fully perceive this new world of light, but we can prepare for it with a conscious readiness – a “live expectancy” – that opens to possibility and thence to actuality and its destined unfoldment. The Tibetan Master explained:

Revelation is a progressive matter. Disciples are not really able to understand the extensive significances of the third initiation, for instance; in like manner, even high initiates fail to comprehend that which lies plainly before Them. Disciples can, however, dimly sense the nature of the Transfiguration which characterises them, from the hierarchical point of view, and Masters can also dimly sense the nature of the decision with which They are faced. It is this preparatory sensitivity in the disciple which produces true perception at all the various initiatory stages. This is a statement of major importance and links sensitivity, its interpretation and control, with the everyday life of the ordinary disciple. It is important because of its inclusiveness and because each stage upon the Path of Initiation has in it the germ of comprehension and an understanding (deeply hidden) of the various steps which have to be taken upon the Way of the Higher Evolution.” The Rays & the Initiations, page 723

Each small human act becomes an act on behalf of the Cosmos.

Every spiralling step has a higher counterpart with which it resonates. Thus, the whole reflects through all its parts. Each small human act becomes an act on behalf of the Cosmos. When we live within this realisation, we are in harmony with the one great Life which flows through each one, each part, as through a sustaining heart.

In its essence, the heart is an organ of higher action and giving; that is why every act of giving partakes of the nature of the heart. Every positive Teaching enjoins giving. Such an affirmation is truly practical, for without giving, the heart does not endure. Naturally, one has to understand giving in all its justice. Giving should not be understood as just contributing money or donating objects one no longer needs. True giving is of the spirit. Let every heart pour forth streams of spiritual gifts. Not without cause is it said that every beat of the heart is a smile, a tear, and gold. All life flows through the heart. The seeker should be able to give constant work to the heart. Nothing can refine the heart so perfectly as limitless spiritual giving. Usually spiritual giving is not valued, since anything invisible goes unappreciated. But the source of wealth, whether spiritual or material, is the heart. If only one could bring it into every situation where the heartbeat would be precious.” Heart 386.

Every heartbeat is the resonating pulse of the divine heart.

Every heartbeat is the resonating pulse of the divine heart. When we live from divine impulse, we express the underlying harmony of the universe and fulfill the purpose emanating from the central spiritual Sun whose light reflects through us all.


My head is bursting with the joy of the unknown. My heart is expanding a thousand fold.  ~  Rumi

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