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To thine own Self be true – Aries article April 2020

Actual Full Moon: Wed 8th April 12:35pm AEST
(*Time in Sydney, Australia)

We have begun a new astrological year. Every year around about the time of the Autumn/Spring equinox (approximate), the Sun finishes a yearly cycle in Pisces, then enters Aries. This is a time for a reset, new challenges, new beginnings, a new look on older themes…or if you are stuck in habitual instinctual patterns, more of the same.

For those of us stuck at home currently – most of Humanity is – this energy is not the easiest to deal with. Aries is a powerful fire sign, and one of the signs of the warrior-based energy, so it needs an outlet. Usually we would be more active, getting things started and having more energy, as Aries is ruled by Mars. The influence of the ruling planet gives us drive, passion, desire – not always in the greatest way –nonetheless, it does pour forth. Self-isolating at home is not in symmetry with the Aries nature, so we’re in interesting times.

If you have felt slightly more forceful, a pressure to get things done, agitation or annoyance at being stuck and not being able to get things started, then you have been attuning to the energy of Aries. Expect this to increase in the coming week, leading to the peak period when the moon is full next Wednesday midday in Australia.

This particular Full Moon will be very potent. It is the start of the spiritual festivals, with Aries beginning the Easter period, followed by Taurus and the Wesak festival – linked to the Buddha, then the Gemini Full Moon – linked to the Christ.

The lower mantra of Aries will come into play for many – ‘Let form again be sought’. At this level, the impulse for Aries seeks out the need to occupy the same forms as it’s lived previously, bending the impulsive will to experience as it knows. It is a forward movement, yet one that is steeped in desires of the flesh, not of the Soul. I would align this with sections of Humanity who think that Life will return to the way it was before our current predicament. Mars is the influence here.

These are special times and the Age of the Soul is upon us. The Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn has unleashed a powerful Ray 1 energy, bringing destruction of forms and a Karmic levelling. The collective Soul of Humanity is asking us to move into a brand-new phase of existence, perhaps never seen here on The Earth before. Many believe we have begun the first initiation (Capricorn rules initiation), a process that the Tibetan Master DK gave out in his teachings in the period of 1920-1940 last century.

At this deeper and more refined level, using the particular potent and specific energies of Aries, we can move towards the higher mantra of this sign – ‘I come forth, and from the plane of mind I rule’. Here we forego the patterns of the lower nature – the impulse to begin new forms based upon personal desires – and start new ones from a place of much more refined substance. At this level we enter thought and influence on the world and our lives from the Higher Mind, not from the lower concrete or astral/emotional.

The Higher Mind is linked to our Soul and the intuitional or Buddhic plane, where Truth lies. In this space from which the Will of Aries on a Soul level originates, we can discern truth from fake news (much needed with current happenings). If we could stay at this level, we would operate directly from the Soul and decisions and actions made would benefit us all immensely. Instead of habitual form-based decisions, we could connect with our Souls (and others) and come forth from the plane of mind, ruling over our own lives with clear direction.

Aries is a sign of leadership. It rules the first house in Astrology, that of the self. Aries is also one of the signs of the warrior energy, with Scorpio being the other. Aries is made for a fight, with fearlessness, and the ability to be brave, wonderful traits that it has as part of its expression. We could well need this energy in the coming months, as we fight a variety of blocks to the higher energies seeking expression at this time.

In the way of these higher energies are our personal thoughts and emotions. If you can imagine them as a collective whole, we could see how they could inhibit a true move forward. Selfish desires and greed exist in many, perhaps not always even evident.

Another big block is created by governments and corporations, whose motives come definitely from a place of personal greed. The reality is though that the new energies do not align with the old authoritarian way of life. Like two opposing magnets forced to come together, they repel each other, regardless of the effort made to put them together. They simply cannot be together.

We need to show true self-leadership and fight through these times. This is to help ourselves get through the current situation; to allow for a new positive force to play out in the world.

We also need it to fight the inevitable opposing forces currently at play, which are quite sinister and dark. They have upped the ante and even though we try to live our lives in the highest possible regard, we cannot deny the reciprocal materialistic forces currently operating. I can only see this increasing in the very near future.

That is why I think it is imperative to take the higher mantra for the sign of Aries and use it as best as we can. If we come forth from the higher plane of mind, we come from a space that is beyond the control of negative forces and with which we can direct and use the energy of true Will, in its most beneficial way. Here we rule over our own domain, not others, and from that high point, contribute directly to the new Era.

The current life situation is a test for many and one for which we have all prepared for lifetimes. We certainly have the inner power and strength within us, it often just needs a catalyst to bring it out. That is currently being brought forth, as we all grapple with the new coming era.

One thing we can hold true, our Own Souls. To thine own Self be true!!!

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Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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