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Triangles network of planetary light

Triangles Service Meditation

Produced in September 2015, this video introduces the service meditation practice of Triangles and features interviews with Triangles practitioners.

There is increasing recognition of the power of meditation and visualisation. This power can be employed on a global scale for spiritual purposes if we try to understand the spiritual needs of the world and the contribution we can make as a worldwide group.

Triangles links men and women of goodwill in a planetary service that transcends all barriers of race, creed, class, economic and political conviction. A worldwide network of light and goodwill is created for the distribution of spiritual energies.

A triangle is a group of three people who link each day in thought for a few minutes of creative meditation. Triangles members need not necessarily live in the same locality, and many international triangles exist.

Each day members sit quietly for a few minutes and link mentally with other members of their triangle, or triangles. They invoke the energies of light and goodwill, visualising these energies as circulating throughout the three focal points of each triangle, and pouring out through the network of triangles surrounding the planet. At the same time they repeat the Great Invocation, so helping to form a channel for the downpouring of light and love into the consciousness of humanity.

The work takes only a few minutes each day and can fit into even the most crowded schedule. It is not necessary for members to synchronise the time at which the work is done, as once a triangle is built and functioning, it can be vitalised by any one of its members at any time of the day.

For more information: https://www.lucistrust.org/triangles/about_triangles

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Sydney Goodwill works to enhance all serving souls to develop their service, and to distribute the Ageless Wisdom teachings to all who are searching.

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