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virgo pisces represented by earth water
Tutoko River near Milford Sound in Fiorland National Park, South Island of New Zealand.

Virgo Sun and Pisces Full Moon September 2019

Actual Full Moon: Saturday 14th Sept 2.32pm AEST

The year is flying along, as we enter into Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn or Fall in the Northern hemisphere. The quickening vibration of the Earth, itself experiencing an intensification of Light, has left us on the edge of a very real critical moment in space and time.

I think the best we can do is to recognise the moment for what it is and respond accordingly. Most of us probably know in our Hearts what we can do to change things – in our lives, in what we say and do, how we think and talk – yet change is not easy, especially when we have lived under certain conditioning influences, which will fight until the very end to delay or stop evolution.

If we are to seize the moment and begin a process of small changes leading to larger ones, let’s start right now in this moment. What is the current energy field in space and time? What energies or influences can we use, absorb, fashion, direct and manipulate (not in a negative sense) to help make changes in our personal lives, our families, our nations and the greater collective here on Earth?

Astrology often gives us some major clues. People often talk to me about something they have read and say, “that is so correct for me at the moment’. Yes, it is!!! I am not looking into a crystal ball, I am just reading symbols, interpreting them as best I can by observing my outer environment for clues and hints and using my intuition to interpret a given question.

So where are we now?

We are well and truly entrenched in the energy of Virgo. The shift from the energy of Leo – a fire sign – to the energy of Virgo is one with a refocussing of the energy of the self. Leo is all about the little self, learning about the Higher Self. Virgo takes that energy and turns it more inwards (Leo is an outer expressive sign). From there begins a process of compartmentalization, for which Virgo’s are famous for.

It is no surprise to me that many of my friends begin a deep process of detoxification and physical cleansing during the Sun’s sojourn through Virgo. It is a sign to which we could attribute an intensification of purification of our physical and mental bodies. Being an Earth sign, the physical body and the environment around us take on more direct focus. Did you notice this shift in the last few weeks? Have you booked a treatment for yourself recently, booked into a health specialist for a check-up, searched for a retreat somewhere….?

If you did do any of the above, then you are responding to the energy of Virgo. Learning to flow with that energy is learning to be in the rhythm of Life. Like a heartbeat sounding forth from the chambers of our heart, a natural order and rhythm take place in our universe, known or unknown to us. We can either be spectators on this ride or participate willingly in the Earth’s natural ebb and flow.

Virgo will help us with this exploration. It is ruled by Mercury on the traditional level, allowing us a deeper mental focus for wherever we look to use it. Add the mode of mutability – or change and adaptation – and you have an energetic influence of an active mind (Mercury), linked very much to the physical body (Virgo). The result of such is a mind which looks very much inward and focusses on the physical around it, starting with our physical bodies and ending up in the physical environment we find ourselves in.

Those with strong Virgo influence are often said to be analytical and of course, this is true (see some of the reasons above). Still, the highest form of this energy is one of purification, as purity and the Virgin maiden (female) are the symbols for this sign. Part of the loftiest and highest expression of Virgo energy is to purify that which is around it, seeking to make it whole and pure of being, just like the celestial virgin who is untouched.

Could we say this is a particularly important and poignant issue for the Earth right now? The environment around us and the way we live, has become such an issue that we know we are faced with the need to change, or we perish, regardless of what opposing forces say. Now more than ever we need the energy of Virgo to shine through, purifying our thoughts and desires and influencing us to be adaptable and change our mechanisms of living, for the greater good. Purification again!

Interestingly, the esoteric ruler of Virgo is the Moon. Many revere the Moon and attach much to its movements and cycles. Like a lifetime friend and ally, it is always there, illuminating our night-time sky when it is full, staying dark and hidden and allowing us to view the greater stars further away when it is new. Such service to a cause, speaks of Virgo.

This sign is said to be one of the service signs (sorry Virgos). The other is Aquarius. Virgo serves through commitment to work and to get the job done. The nitty-gritty jobs of hard work and caring for others, falls to this sign. Perhaps by doing this we then care for ourselves as well, learning through humility and a sense of fairness (Libra – the next sign).

If you have found that your workload has increased recently, do not despair, that is the energy of Virgo. Go with the flow. Do the extra work as needed and likewise do the extra internal cleansing that your mind and body have asked of you. Like a computer upgrading or rebooting, our bodies go through the same cycles. Perhaps the extra workload wakens us up to looking after ourselves more, internalising the outer world into our personal lives…..

Of course, at the time of the Full Moon coming up, the Moon itself will be in the opposite sign of Pisces. The actual time of the Full Moon is Saturday the 14th of September at 2:32pm AEST.

A Pisces Full Moon will allow us to connect more deeply on a sensitive level, especially emotionally. It offers us a reprieve to the physical focus of Virgo, albeit through the mind. Meditation and any other activity that allows us to quieten and release are recommended. Don’t be surprised during the lead up to Saturday and for 2 days after if you are acutely aware of a greater spiritual connection. You could literally go off with the fairies….

Keeping the feet on the ground (Virgo) and allowing a process of intuiting from the world of Spirit (Pisces) will be the axis of energies here, each tugging you either way. Such is the process of two distinctively different energies.

The mantra for Virgo is – “I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I, matter am” – suggesting that it is the highest possible energetic expression to understand that we are God manifest, living a Human experience in a physical body. Such is now and such is the opportunity.


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