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Virgo Sun Pisces Full Moon

A friend, who is a Virgo sun sign, was explaining to me about working in a public service job. She said it doesn’t really matter what you do, it offers you the chance to really serve the public. In her eyes I could see real passion for what she was saying, her job gives her the opportunity to serve. In this I could see the essence of Virgo, emanating from her. Virgo is one of the signs that rules service and in the house system it rules the 6th house, that of health, work, service and our trade.

I have noticed in my personal life that the longer this period has gone, the more I have done around the house and the more service work I have done (today included a working bee). In Australia and the southern hemisphere, the time of the sun through Virgo comes at the time of Spring, which often brings spring cleaning and the breaking of the shackles of Winter. Many clubs and organisations either finish up over the winter or start for spring and with this brings work to do. This all fits in well with the Virgo model, showing that there really is no coincidence, everything is part of a greater plan which has cycles within cycles

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and is mutable earth. Its mutability is often underrated, due perhaps to the fact that Virgos are often linked to organisation and analysis. This often gives a feeling of restriction and rigidity. This of course can exist, but Virgo energy is definitely changeable and adaptable, changing like the earth’s tectonic plates which move beneath us. Those with a lot of Virgo in their charts use this adaptability. For them, it is perhaps one of the harder expressions of energy as for all of the elements, air, water, fire and earth, you would think that matter and earth are the hardest to be adaptable, given their nature to resonate together. Yet most Virgo people I know are really adaptable, this gives them great capacity to adapt to the physical environment.

Given the above, this is a great time at the moment to really adapt, change and organise your physical environment. There is no better time to do this. You might have felt impelled to, it is natural to use this energy at this time. It is also a great time to look at purifying your physical environment, and also your physical vehicle. Virgo is very much related to the virgin and the maiden, and also to birthing of the new and the mother principle. It is recommended at this time that you consider purifying your physical vehicle so that it can better perform its service commitments. This also includes your etheric vehicle, the more sensitive aspect of your physical vehicle that transmits and receives energetic impressions.

Ray 2 and Ray 6 rule both Virgo and Pisces. The Ray 2 influence gives Virgo Love and Wisdom, much needed when there is an emphasis on work and service to others and giving in general. This also gives Virgos a real love for study and the continuation of learning, so that it can be passed on to others in another form.

The Ray 6 gives Virgo an idealism and perhaps more importantly, devotion. You need to be devoted to continue a life of service, to look to purify your physical environment. We all know it certainly is not easy and that at times it might seem easier to give up, this is where the ray 6 really comes in handy. If we look at all the signs that are under the direct influence of the 6th Ray, it is Virgo which uses it the most for physical expression. While Pisces uses 6th ray energy often in a spiritual and religious sense and Sagittarius uses it in a very idealistic, philosophical and goal based focus, Virgo is the sign that really brings it down to earth, so to speak, and uses it most wisely in physical plane expression.

The higher mantram for Virgo is “I am the Mother and the Child, I, God, I matter am”. This could be looked at in a few ways, but basically the impression is that God is all, including physical matter. The link with the Mother and the Child shows that God is both the physical vehicle, giving life, plus of course is life itself, the incoming Soul of the child to be born….

Looking over the chart at the time of the Full moon, there is a high concentration of planets and opposing energies in both the 1st house of the self and the 7th house of others and relationships. Just looking at this concentration suggests – an internal battle of thoughts leading to our own self-expression of energy and how that will balance with our need to be sensitive to our relationships with others. The energy in the 7th house is one of sensitivity, with the Moon, Neptune and Chiron all there, all in Pisces. This could be a real battle between what appears physically real to the self, to how we relate to spirit and to the higher energy of the universal.

Sitting in between these two forces is Mars, happily in its highest expression from a Hierarchical point of view, in Sagittarius. It is providing a T-square between these energies, so it holds the key to their balance, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. At the time of the full moon it is in the 4th house of family, roots and perhaps more importantly, our spiritual home, our Ashram. With Sagittarius supplying the vision of the archer, coupled with Mars determination, drive and assertiveness, all sitting in the 4th house, one would suggest this is a great time for unfettered spiritual vision and connection to our true home where our Soul resides, our Ashram. Being a T-square means we will need to earn it, but the pattern here suggests an amazing time to link between spirit and matter, we just need to be able to handle the energies………

Mercury is retrograding until about the 22nd-23rd of this month, allowing us time to go over and revisit ideas, thoughts, things we have had sitting on the mental plane. Retrograding Mercury always stirs things a little, especially in relation to communications and things pertaining to methods of communicating. Yet it also gives us a chance to visit and comb through things we have started, allowing us the chance to make things more streamlined. Mercury as the traditional ruler of Virgo makes this especially so. Use this energy to go over things in fine detail, as it will give you great ability to see the finer points.

Jupiter, the Hierarchical ruler of Virgo, has just come out of that sign and has now moved into Libra for a 1 year sojourn in the sign of the scales. Libra will give Jupiter an airy expression, bringing its great and expanding wisdom to things related to finding balance in our lives. Libra rules law, as symbolised by the scales. Jupiter will expand this aspect in the coming year, perhaps giving Humanity the drive to add much needed wisdom to laws that we have and how we make decisions. Given that we have the Pisces energy finding expression in the 7th house, naturally ruled by Libra, this might be giving us the sensitivity for the coming changes and ideas we will all experience in the coming year with Jupiter going through Libra.

The Moon will be in Pisces when it is full. This means that it will be a water Moon. Water moons always add emotional content to the energetic field. Like anything you can look at the positives and negatives of this. Pisces full moons always give us a great opportunity to connect to spirit, to meditate and connect on a deep spiritual level. They also give us a chance to be very creative, especially with Neptune still in Pisces. Of course that energy can overwhelm us if we allow it, swallowing us up and absorbing us as we get lost in the Pisces magnificence. Given the fact that the full moon falls on the period of Friday night – Saturday morning for the vast majority of countries, where there is often a strong lower Neptunian/Piscean energy abounding already, means that the energy mentioned above can be doubled.

The Sun and the Ascendant are both in Virgo for this full Moon period. This means that both the energy of the personality and the Soul will be very much immersed in Virgo. Being the same, means that the focus is aligned. Whatever our Soul is looking for will be easy to express for us in our personality expression, if we keep our thoughts and bodies pure and adapt and change to our physical environment. Again we have a great opportunity for service to others, giving us a chance to birth some new thoughts into physical manifestation that will benefit many later on. It would be wise to remember that matter is just the lowest form of spirit………

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