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from 'Mother of the World' by Nicholas Roerich

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon 2020

Actual Full Moon: Wednesday 2nd Sept 3:22pm AEST

As the Earth continues to move around the Sun for this year, it now lines up with the constellation of Virgo from our view here on Earth. We leave behind the fiery brilliance of the Leo energy and move into the earthy, practical and service-oriented Virgo. The constellation of Virgo is huge, suggesting an energy field of magnified influence.

This is perhaps no surprise when you look at the attributes of Virgo in our everyday lives on Earth: the practicality and relation to form (Virgo is an earth sign); Virgo being a sign of service (we all need to work and perform a service here on Earth to exchange for material things or spiritual lessons) and the way that continues throughout our lives. We can also relate the need to analyse our immediate surroundings to the discrimination aspect of Virgo. In all, I believe that this sign rules our life, or could say has ruled our lives throughout our history.

In terms of planetary influences and associations with this sign, Mercury is the traditional ruler. Mercury rules communication and the processes of the way we interact with each other. On the subtle level, it opens up pathways for us to communicate with the Higher parts of ourselves and the Higher Beings who exist who are further along the evolutionary path than us. This natural connection could surely be used right now as the world struggles through the fog of shadows cast out over the planet.

On an esoteric level, the Moon rules or harnesses the energy of Virgo. The Moon is said to be veiling or hiding another influence – that of Vulcan, which is an esoteric planet, or should I say an etheric planet, whose exact location we don’t yet know. This Vulcan influence would give Virgo a perceived sense of strength, the ability to turn energy into spiritual tools through the process of alchemy and magic.

This could surely be used right now as in every country people turn inwards to call forth the power and energy of their Souls to lead the personality in what is turning out to be a war on liberties and a war on truth, right in front of our eyes. The Ray 1 influence of Vulcan can give the necessary strength of will to those who are open to it, to help reshape and influence the current suppressing energies that are abounding.

The Ray energies that influence or run through Virgo are Rays 2 and 6. Ray 2 gives Virgo the ability to heal, to love and care for others and the wisdom and inspiration to help teach and guide others in a loving but sometimes strict way (I know quite a few Virgo teachers). The Ray 6 influence leads the Virgo energy into devotion to care and also to assist and look after others. It can also lead to devotion to causes, so expect an increase in people joining groups and taking up the fight against their governments. I expect many protests defying strict social distancing rules in this coming month, and long may it continue. It is the Soul’s right to be free to express and love, show affection and interact with others, anything that inhibits this with strict and suffocating control only seeks to suppress Life itself, regardless of the manipulated slogans and phrases that surround it.

Virgo also has a strong affiliation with the Mother of the World, mentioned in the Helena Roerich teachings. In the Agni Yoga teachings, the Mother of the World is the matriarch and initiator of the hierarchy of spiritual beings involved with this planet. She is also the spiritual mother of all the Christed Ones and Buddhas throughout history.

Nicholas Roerich’s painting of the Mother of the World shows her with a veil, covering her face. I cannot help but look at the current mask-wearing debate and see a correlation, a working out of this veil and covering. Over the years there has been much debate over the use of face coverings, with the religion of Islam particularly targeted. And yet here in the world right now, there are mandatory pushes for people to wear face coverings and many people opposing it.

The above leads me to think there is a working out of things previously hidden now being revealed. With Pluto in Capricorn, the true nature of some who influence the world is being revealed for all to see. Perhaps the unveiling of the Mother of the World is also coming, as we move to a more transparent and fluent existence. The current energies have stirred the pot to such an extent that many people just want to know the truth, to see through all the disinformation and influences that bombard us daily. It is definitely time.

Virgo is a feminine sign. The Mother energy and influence, in a beautiful and earthy healing expression, emanates from this sign. Humanity needs this right now, as do parts of the Earth. We would really benefit from coming under the influence of the Mother of the World, in all of her nurturing embrace. We could all use some healing, some love and some looking after.

Looking at the current astrological energies, don’t expect any let-up just yet. The Mars square to Pluto and Saturn is still in effect and it will retrograde soon, passing them again before going in direct motion and passing them a third time. This will continue the current tender situations in many parts of the world, as the human spirit pushes back on authoritarian control. Expect overflows of emotion, as Mars in Aries is a true warrior combination. Yet nothing is without reason and the conflict that ensues both externally and internally for many others will be a natural reaction to Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn that has set off major changes this year. Like an animal that survives in the harshest environments, we are given tools to survive when the going gets tough.

Uranus throws its hands into the mix this Full Moon, trine to the Virgo Sun and sextile to the Pisces Moon. In this way, it acts as an anchor. What can we expect from this? Revolution for a start. Uranus brings in the new and, being in Taurus, anchors the energy in a sign of the Earth. Its impact here will be short and sweet, yet quite impactful. Expect many new groups involving community action to be anchored into living, with most of that action directed to the opposing forces at this current time. There will be a real action in the waking up going on en masse, all over the world.

Perhaps the saving grace of this time will be the Pisces Moon that will be close to Neptune in Pisces. True spiritual meaning and guidance from the higher realms will be available, to those that can peer through the fog. It will take Virgo’s grounded perception and the ability to be available to the spiritual realms in order to take advantage of these energies – a paradox if ever there was one. Yet that is our mission.

Our opportunity is to be available to the Truth that is being revealed in front of our eyes and yet maintain our spiritual link to our Soul, anchoring here through our personality so that we can offer service to others.
No one said it would be easy…..

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