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Love is the Lion of Truth

Lion of Truth

As the seasons turn and extremes of weather have their effect on us all, we are faced with the power of the mighty natural world in which we live, move, breathe and have our being. Our daily lives can be beset with the demands of work, co-workers, friends, family, society and international tensions to the point where we may forget …

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Seeing the New World Rise

Seeing the New World Rise

The young ones born at the turn of the century are beginning to make their presence felt and with them a new human force is rising up even as the structures and systems of the passing civilisation fail through self-interest and the natural world breaks under the weight of exploitation. This new force is reforming the substance of the dissolving …

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You are the Secret Treasure-bearer

Secret Treasure Bearer

Throughout the eons of human existence we have moved through countless concepts and ideas about the divine. And as the old civilisation crumbles around us and the new is still forming, some of us may still carry the legacy of earlier ideas of a vengeful God instilling fear, apportioning blame and exacting punishment. Others, experiencing the pain of the world …

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The Era of the Mother of the World

Mother of the World

The Christmas decorations are being stored away and the New Year celebration is becoming a memory. Children are preparing to return to school and their parents are re-immersing in the working week. But our eyes have been refreshed from interaction with family and friends and have been reminded that connections of love underlie what brings peace, happiness and joy. Perhaps …

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Two Wings to Fly – Not One

Two wings to fly

Many may remember when, as children, we looked forward with excitement to a special event such as Christmas Day – anticipating its joys, surprises and the gifts that might magically appear! Then there comes the point when we shift from anticipation of a future event and into the living experience of the present moment. Until that moment things can be …

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Feel a River Moving in You


Looking through the current turmoil in our world, one can discern the rising response of the human heart to the need of the hour. As that need becomes more urgently clear, so does the heart response intensify. Wherever we look, either immediately around us or through the global media network, points of need within all the natural kingdoms are being …

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Merging with the Light of the Rising Sun

Light of the Rising Sun

Amidst the dire events roiling around our world and reported so dramatically in both mainstream and social media, we also find millions of acts of the heart, tiny jewels twinkling like starry beacons guiding us through the burgeoning chaos to the calm of a promised land. These shining gems reveal heart-touching events wherein love and compassion are demonstrated – sometimes …

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Winds of Change

winds of change

Like sunlight sparkling across a vast ocean, the great sea of human consciousness is twinkling with realisations as though constantly sparked by a surging current. The best and the worst are rising to the surface and into the forefront of our awareness and focussed attention; and their juxtaposition is revealing more about what is good, true and beautiful. Although reported …

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Only from the Heart can you Touch the Sky

Touch the sky

In the turbulent times now sweeping through our world the retrogressive forces can be clearly seen in the most prominent embodiments – so clear that all those with true sight must see them and, by contrast and in sharp relief, see therefore all that is good, true and beautiful in the human heart. The vision of human harmony, care and …

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The Upward Spiral of the Human Heart

Upward Spiral

As we enter the New Year we find that, while mainstream news programs continue to warn and report about violence and destruction, there is something irrepressible in the human spirit as we celebrate a New Year with a kaleidoscope of light and sound. Fireworks displays around the world bring a moment – a seeding time – of oneness throughout the …

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