Monday , 19 April 2021
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You Are the Entire Ocean in a Drop

You are the entire ocean in a drop

While the impact of the current pandemic on human awareness has increased attention on our personal health, at the same time it has brought a realisation of our indivisible interconnectedness with all others and the planet as a whole. We seem to be poised between maintaining the wellbeing of a separate self at one level and, at another level, consciously …

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Behind All Forms Is Found The One Life

Behind All Forms Is Found The One Life

As the world scrambles to deal with the Coronavirus epidemic, we are realising in a very confronting and irrefutable way that almost every issue and concern is a world-wide concern, and it’s through the human connections around the globe that issues and reactions are transmitted – across all barriers and borders. Humanity now embraces the whole world, so what occurs …

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Two Wings to Fly – Not One

Two wings to fly

Many may remember when, as children, we looked forward with excitement to a special event such as Christmas Day – anticipating its joys, surprises and the gifts that might magically appear! Then there comes the point when we shift from anticipation of a future event and into the living experience of the present moment. Until that moment things can be …

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The Love That Dissolves All Barriers

Love Dissolves All Barriers

While the recent tragedy in Manchester brings yet more shock and grief into the world, what comes most powerfully to the fore is the unifying outpouring of heart-response – from the homeless man donating blood as the one thing he had to offer, to the groups gathering in solidarity no matter each one’s religion, racial background, political ideology or social …

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Merging with the Light of the Rising Sun

Light of the Rising Sun

Amidst the dire events roiling around our world and reported so dramatically in both mainstream and social media, we also find millions of acts of the heart, tiny jewels twinkling like starry beacons guiding us through the burgeoning chaos to the calm of a promised land. These shining gems reveal heart-touching events wherein love and compassion are demonstrated – sometimes …

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The Tower Beyond Tragedy

Tower Beyond Tragedy

The Christmas Season approaches as a timely reminder of the great inflow of divine energies embodied in the Christ, of the divine within each and every one, and of the soul in all things and in all kingdoms in nature. Christmas stories abound with the significance of the plant kingdom, of the animal and human kingdoms, and of the angelic …

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Immersion in a Realised State of Being

Creation of Adam

In this festive season when gatherings of family and friends seem to be the order of the day, how often are such meeting points arranged? It is that time, at the end of one year and the start of a new one, when we feel drawn together to share that moment of meeting between memory and anticipation, old and new, …

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