Tuesday , 4 October 2022
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[Regarding the above video clip, please note that this visual invocation is silent.] USING THE GREAT INVOCATION II: INVITES US TO IMMERSE MORE DEEPLY INTO THE MYSTERIOUS DIMENSIONS OF FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY Mantrams are formulated and given to Humanity by the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth to initiate Humanity’s progressive realisations in its evolutionary journey. In the infinite chain of Being …

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Full Moon Online Meditation Meetings with Sydney Goodwill

You are welcome to join our monthly full moon meditation meeting, held online from Sydney Australia. All are welcome.  This is a public meeting. Next Online Full Moon Meditation meeting: Click this link to join the meeting:   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82804844884 This meeting will be held online only. Please note: if the above meeting time does not suit you, please consider the online meditation meeting …

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Full Moon Meditation Meeting Schedule 2022

Sydney Goodwill holds public meditation meetings each month at the time of the full moon in Sydney (Australia). See below for details. All are welcome. You do not have to be a long-time meditator. FULL MOON MEDITATION MEETINGS 2022 MEETING TIME: 8 PM unless otherwise specified – see below The meetings are now held online. Click on this link to …

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Victoria Goodwill online meditation

Victoria Goodwill invites you to join us online At the full moon, the sun’s radiation has a clear path to earth. This creates a time of high spiritual energy. The next full moon is in the sign of Libra which peaks on Monday, 10 October at 7.54 am. The keynote for Libra is “I CHOOSE THE WAY WHICH LEADS BETWEEN …

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Drawing Forth the Soul of Australia

Meditation on Drawing Forth the Soul of the Nation of Australia A group of servers has commenced work with a meditation seeking to draw forth the soul of this nation and bring the personality plane expression of the nation into the light of that soul. If you would like to find out more about this work, please contact us via …

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Online Full Moon Meditation Meetings with Margrit

online full moon meditation meetings

Next Online Full Moon Meditation meeting: If the above meeting time does not suit you, please consider the online meditation meetings with Sydney Goodwill. If you would like to participate in a Full Moon meditation, but are unable to do so in the physical, please join our online Full Moon meditation meetings. Please join us for this Meditation supporting Humanity on its Path …

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Fire of Synthesis online meditations

Fire of Synthesis online meditations On a day near to the new moon (Australian time) When: Next online meeting  – Please note that Melbourne, Australia has entered Daylight saving time.  This may affect the start time of the meeting in your time zone.  You may want to check  your  time for yourself on: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html. How to Join Join the meditation via …

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Meditation groups in Australia

meditation candles

The following service groups in Australia provide meditation meetings either online or at premises at the time of the full moon each month. Please note: The following listing is not exhaustive. Another source of information on meditation groups in Australia and world-wide can be found at: Lucis Trust worldwide-network. ONLINE Meditation Meetings GROUPS NSW QLD SA VIC WA

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“New Earth” Hour

Please join us to focus on the new era as it emerges through our world. Every month on a Friday close to the New Moon, friends and co-workers take time out to envision the new era.  Our next focus is on Friday 28 October 2022 at 6 pm AEST. There is no physical plane meeting – instead we invite you, wherever you …

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Three Spiritual Festivals 2022

3 spiritual festivals

There are three major spiritual Festivals which form the high point in the annual cycle. These are the Festival of Easter (at the Aries full moon), the Festival of Wesak (at the Taurus full moon), and the Festival of Goodwill (at the Gemini full moon). Through the steady, persistent meditation work of many individuals and groups in all parts of …

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