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United in the Wesak Valley – An Invitation

2025 Initiative: Preparing the Way

United in the Wesak Valley

Dear co-workers,

In the days leading up to the Wesak Festival we call the esoteric community to recognize our Unity as members of the New Group of World Servers and to reconnect with our common Purpose.

During these last months of the “Era of the Forerunner”, we are experiencing the effects of increasing cleavages and division within our human family. We must face the fact that we, too, are divided due to our different perspectives on the events of the time.

Let us recognize the present time as our opportunity and responsibility to elevate our discipleship perception to the higher plane where unity exists despite our differences.

Only united can we fulfill our role as the NGWS, as the bridge between Hierarchy and humanity. Only united may we provide a unifying vision for humanity. 

With this in mind, we propose that we utilize the skills and tools we have practiced for decades to invoke the Will to Love and, too, the assistance from the inner planes to proactively reach out to fellow disciples from whom we are separated, and to re-connect in our foundational Unity as we prepare to enter the Wesak valley.

We invite brothers and sisters—regardless of our views—to meet online on the Wesak Day, May 5th, for a silent meditation at the exact time of the Wesak. It will take place on the platform of the Seven Rays Institute (SRI) Conference – please see the information below.

Let us enter the Wesak Valley together — subjectively or objectively — and stand with and alongside each other as One Group.

 In the Light of the One Work,

The 2025 Initiative Coordination Group

The Hechal Group

The University of the Seven Rays and The Seven Ray Institute


Please use this open link to join>>> 

(no registration is required)

Meeting ID: 865 1770 5163; Passcode: 082212

You are welcome to join either for just the silent meditation on Friday 5th May at 17:00 GMT (which is Saturday 6th May 3:00 am AEST in Sydney Australia),

or anytime during the preceding Wesak Ceremony.

Check the SRI conference schedule for the Wesak Ceremony here>>>

Please note that the admittance to the silent meditation will be possible only until 17:15 GMT. Then the Zoom-door will be closed during the inner silent Wesak Ritual, and will open again at 18:10 GMT.

Please prepare a candle and a bowl of water for the Wesak Ceremony.

Please share this Call for Unity within your groups and networks. 

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