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About Sydney Goodwill

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Sydney Goodwill is staffed by volunteers

Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service is a not-for-profit organisation. We are affiliated with World Goodwill which has headquarters in London, Geneva and New York.  We:-

  • Host meditation meetings at the time of the full moon each month in Sydney
  • Hold public seminars from time to time
  • Publish a monthly newsletter advising of our activities, including notices of meditation meetings which are held at the time of the Full Moon each month
  • Distribute the Literature of the Lucis Press and promote books on aspects of esotericism

Our Story

Sydney Goodwill emerged in 1979 when a small group undertook to make available in Australia the Ageless Wisdom teachings as presented for the Western mind by the Tibetan Master and Alice A. Bailey.  The group set up as a Unit of Service affiliated with World Goodwill and established a “not for profit” book distribution organization to provide the Lucis Press publications of Alice A. Bailey under wholesale arrangement with bookshops around the country.

Alice Bailey books
24 books by Alice Bailey

An office was set up and staffed by volunteers. The "Blue Books" were imported and have been distributed Australia wide ever since. Rooms were hired in the CBD of Sydney from which a mail order business could be conducted and where monthly meditation meetings could also be held. An offset printing machine was acquired and they undertook to reprint and post to Australian subscribers the World Goodwill Newsletter and the Triangles Bulletin on behalf of World Goodwill and Triangles. They also reprinted the literature of the Lucis Trust that might assist all those seeking a more enlightened way of living, understanding and assisting the divine plan unfolding through our world.

A few years earlier the Caringbah Unit of Service had taken form. Meeting weekly, they meditated and experimented with a new group consciousness. This small group worked under impression and used the intuition to explore inner dimensions of awareness and the emergence of a new humanity (and its potential civilisation) living from a realisation of the oneness of all life.

The time came when the work of the Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service had grown and needed more volunteer workers. At the same time the Caringbah Unit of Service had come to a point where an outer form was needed through which to practise the principles of the emerging consciousness of the new era.  It was a perfect match!

Together they were able to progress the work of Sydney Goodwill. They went on to conduct public workshops and seminars on topics that encouraged a deeper exploration of the emerging new era in which the oneness of our planet is being realised through a deepening and expanding human consciousness.

All through the years the work has been supported by donation and every need has been met as it has arisen. The practice of New Age principles in the running of a material operation brought us into some interesting and inspiring experiences – such as when we needed a new printing machine but were short of the needed funds by $2,000. A supporter who, though not knowing of our need, yet when writing a donation cheque for $1,000 felt an unexpected impulse to make it out for $2,000. It seemed that whenever a need arose somehow the necessary funds arrived. It required a whole new way of living in trust.

We are now entering a time of such interconnected immediacy and the flow has become so automatic we do not have time to marvel. The book distribution operation has transformed into a portal into the world of the internet where physical books can be made available through online booksellers and the full text can be browsed through a computer window.

Our story continues into new directions and modes of interconnection as we live a more consciously shared experience of our world. Welcome to our website!


Sydney Goodwill works in cooperation with all individuals and groups of like mind and purpose to promote understanding, goodwill and right human relations across our planet.

We encourage inter-group activity and endeavour to assist in the emergence on our planet of the Plan for our time, with recognition of the oneness and interdependence of all life.

The world has a spiritual destiny. Behind evolution there is an abiding purpose, which we call the Plan of God. The divine Plan can only work out into expression through humanity. Each of us is responsible for doing all we can in our daily living to express its meaning and significance.

Origins & Funding

Sydney Goodwill is a “Unit of Service”, one of many “Units of Service” throughout the world, formed by groups of people who respond to a shared vision to promote the establishment of right human relations. Units are affiliated with World Goodwill which has headquarters in London, Geneva and New York. A “unit” is autonomous and chooses its particular form of service. The work of Sydney Goodwill is financed solely by voluntary contributions.