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Full Moon Meditation Meetings

You are welcome to join our monthly full moon meditation meetings, held in Sydney Australia. All are welcome. It is a public meeting.

The full moon each month is a time of inspiration, of vision and insight, and of increased opportunity to serve.

What if you are new to meditation?

We use a guided meditation format – there is no need to be a long time meditator.


Venue: Sydney Goodwill, Level 2, 257 Broadway, Glebe NSW 2037 · Australia.
(See our Location page for directions and parking)
Nearest railway station: Central
Nearest intersection: Glebe Point Road and Broadway.
Starting Time: 7:50pm for 8:00pm start


Please arrive by 7:50pm for an 8:00pm start. Your punctuality is appreciated. Meditations start promptly at 8:00pm and late arrivals can be disturbing for the other members of the meditation group.

Meetings last for approximately 1 hour.

Please note: On certain spiritual festivals, such as Wesak 2007, the meeting may be scheduled for an earlier start to coincide with the time of the actual full moon. Please check the Meetings Schedule or your monthly e-newsletter for details of each month’s schedule.


Please check the Meetings Schedule or your monthly e-newsletter for details of each month’s scheduled date.


The purpose of the meditation meetings is to focus the inflowing energies of Light, Love and the Will-to-Good in service of Humanity.


Releasing love and joy

The basic objective of meditation is to enable you to become outwardly what you are in inner reality. The method of mental union with the soul leads to:-

  • the release of the soul energy of love,
  • and its accompanying attribute of joy.

Soul love can:-

  • transform one’s entire outlook
  • and redeem all relationships – at home, in friendships and at work.


The format of the meditation is a short talk to remind us of the particular energies of the moment followed by a guided meditation.


There is no fee. The work of Sydney Goodwill is financed solely by voluntary contributions. Your donation will help cover our costs.

About Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service

Sydney Goodwill works to enhance all serving souls to develop their service, and to distribute the Ageless Wisdom teachings to all who are searching.

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