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Blessings from Shambhalla

In the approach to the Wesak Festival celebrated within the radiance of Mount Kailash, we are called to participate in the supreme moment of the year of intensive spiritual effort when the Buddha and the Christ, two of the Mother of the World’s Sons, at-one for 8 minutes during the exact time of the full moon in Taurus.

During this time of identical atonement the Buddha transmits a Blessing from Shambhala to the Christ Who, as the Representative of Humanity, receives it in trust for distribution throughout the year.

Mount Kailash, known as the Mountain of the Bell, calls all of us from around the globe, and across the veil, to participate in this exquisite process of identical atonement between two siblings, as Blessings from Shambhala, the place of true peace, are transferred during the 8 minutes of heart communion.

We invite you – wherever you are on the planet – to set aside this time and gather within the silence of the temple of your heart to participate in this communion within the Wesak Valley.

As we apprehend the true significance of this event and avail ourselves of the opportunity offered, we are vitalised by a particular energy that stimulates the spirit within and consequently renders us more available for service.

This stimulation from the Ruler of Shambhala is the fiery Impeller of Life and of the Fire of the Mother of the World. (Hierarchy, 5)  And, it is known by enlightened Buddhists that the Ruler of Shambhala and the Maitreya are One and the Same Individuality. (Letters of Helena Roerich, vol II, 19 March 1936).

The date and time of the full moon in Sydney will be 24 April 2024 at 9:48am AEST with the 8 minutes commencing at 9:44 am and ending at 9:52 am.  The graphic below provides dates/times for the five planetary centres: the exact time of the full moon being embraced 4 minutes – either side of it – by the visit from Shambhala’s Emissary.

Night Kailash cloud flags on top and tracks of stars for long exposure.

This week, in preparation for the celebration next week in the Wesak Festival, there will be a 30 minute gathering on Friday 19th April at 8pm New York EDT which is Saturday 20th April at 10am Sydney AEST (see the graphic below for times for the five planetary centres) which will feature an introduction to the Wesak Festival, a World Peace Prayer Flag Ceremony, and conclude with a Global Silent Minute.

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sunrise on Mount Kailash Scenic view,

You might also like to join the Sydney Goodwill Full Moon Meditation meeting where we will, as a group, transfer our awareness to the Wesak Valley and participate in the ceremony that is taking place with the Blessings from Shambhala.

Meeting Date/Time: Tuesday: 23 April 8:00pm AEST.

The meetings are held online.  Please use this link to join the meeting:


More information is available at https://sydneygoodwill.org.au/full-moon-online-meditation-meetings/


Images: Adobe Stock Images
Text inspired by Alice A Bailey’s The Wesak Festival pamphlet
and the Agni Yoga Teachings.

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