Sunday , 1 October 2023
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Full SuperMoon in Aries September 29th 2023

In this 46-min video, Pam says that this is the fourth Supermoon in a row, one which could bring about many radical changes in values, less materialistic, with more focus upon sharing, caring and community. Being in Aries, there is likely to be a speedy and dynamic energy, where individual rights and freedoms could come into conflict with state power. …

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Full SuperMoon in Pisces August 30-31st 2023

In this 44-minute video from Pam Gregory, Pam says that Uranus is going retrograde and running into the full supermoon at the end of August. This is likely to bring about all sorts of seismic activity, not only earthquakes and volcanoes, but political and financial eruptions, as well as power system outages and cyber-attacks. However, Uranus is also the planet …

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August 2023 Astrology Forecast with Kathy Rose

In this 17:44min video, Kathy says that this August is a month full of dynamic energy, with two full moons manifesting within the month, one at the beginning and one at the end (a bit like Full Moon bookends). It will be an appropriate time for the adjustment of power structures, which may make for interesting politics, as well as …

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Full SuperMoon August 1st 2023

In this 34-minute video from astrologer Pam Gregory, Pam says that this is a very powerful SuperMoon, one that places us in a unique evolutionary opportunity. Pam poses two questions for us: – “Do we focus on fear, or do we focus on love? (Because we cannot do both at the same time).” “Are we living in victim mode, or …

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Full SuperMoon in Capricorn July 3rd 2023

In this 35 minute video, Pam Gregory says the light of the SuperMoon will bring to light much that would have otherwise remained hidden. She also says that Capricorn can indicate, or manifest, the building of the new for the longer term, and Capricorn is also linked to integrity and responsibility; all of which indicates that we do not have …

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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 3rd/4th 2023

pam gregory astrology june 2023

This 37.5 minute video from Pam Gregory is on the Full Moon in Sagittarius June 3rd/4th 2023 Pam says that in the months of June and July, as well as later in the year in December and January, there are likely to be increasing attempts to grasp or increase top-down power and control in the world. These events are likely …

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June 2023 Astrology Forecast

kathy rose june 2023 astrology

This 13-minute video from Kathy Rose is for the June 2023 Astrology Forecast. Kathy says that June should be quite a month, as we have the dynamic ingredients in place for an examination, or comparison, of the opposing styles of leadership – on the one hand, that of demonstrating ego, greed and a strong focus on outer power, versus that …

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The Maverick Podcast with Kathy Rose – Episode 27, with guest Pam Gregory

In this 36-minute video, Pam Gregory and Kathy Rose appear together. This is a wide-ranging discussion covering present and near-future changes and challenges. Kathy says that we all incarnate into this classroom of life, and use our bodies to polish and experience the physical plane, but we are all at different grades in this diverse classroom, so we are not …

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May 2023 Astrology Forecast with Kathy Rose

kathy rose may 2023

In this 26-minute video, Kathy says that May will offer us breakthroughs and new insights. We should look to identify a mission to accomplish. So why not meditate on where you can channel your passionate, intense energy? It is a time of strong creative energy, so that can become a significant opportunity. She says that the theme for May is …

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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 5th 2023 – Pam Gregory

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 5th 2023

In this 42-minute video, Pam says that the current eclipse season creates an ignition point for change. As a result, May is likely to be a massive month, both energetically and astrologically, bringing about fundamental social and political restructuring. However, it is also a terrific time for letting go, or the shedding of the old you, and a time for …

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