Tuesday , 28 March 2023
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Astrology Forecast March 2023

(14:15min)  Astrology Forecast March 2023 – Kathy Rose Kathy’s theme for the month of March is ‘Grace Under Pressure‘. This represents our challenge for the month – can we manifest Grace whilst under pressure? Kathy says that we can, if we can relax, trust ourselves, and reach out to merge with the universe. Saturn is entering Pisces at the Full …

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Full Moon in Virgo March 7th 2023

In this 25:12-minute video on the Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th 2023, Pam Gregory says that this is a time for multiple endings and beginnings, and a time for letting go of obsolete possessions and habits. The next few months will likely see a lot of drama and change around the world. Pam suggests that we should not …

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Full Moon in Leo February 5th 2023 with Pam Gregory

pam gregory full moon in leo 2023

in this 37-minute video, Pam says that Integrity is a big word for Leo always acting in integrity, and of course Saturn moving into Pisces is very much about spiritual Integrity. We cannot enter this expanded Consciousness if we are not totally in Integrity. If we don’t completely walk our talk, if we’re not completely authentic, if there are wobbles …

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February 2023 Astrology Forecast with Kathy Rose

In this 12-minute video, Kathy says that it will be a good time to ask yourself, what beliefs have you outgrown? To really just look at your life and see your beliefs reflected back to you in reality. To be very clear about what new beliefs you may want to nurture, and what old beliefs you may want to release.

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Themes for 2023 from Pam Gregory

pam gregory discusses the astrological themes of 2023

In this 53-minute video, Pam Gregory discusses the unfolding themes for 2023. Pam says that 2023 will be a very different year from the last three, and is a huge turning point for humanity. It is likely to be a somewhat chaotic and faster moving year, a year of endings and beginnings, leading to a much more community-minded and loving …

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January 2023 Astrology Forecast with Kathy Rose

In this 17-minute video, Kathy Rose provides an Astrology Forecast for January 2023. Kathy says that dynamic energy and speed are components of the first few months of the new year, so it will be a great time to start a new project; the keynote of this time is ‘zooming forward’. Kathy also describes a new dynamic energy for boosting …

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Full Moon in Cancer January 6th 2023

In this 38-minute video, Pam Gregory discusses the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th 2023. Pam thanks all those who have sent her healing energy, and says that it has had a remarkable effect. From being immobilised by her damaged knee just four weeks ago, she is now walking again, and without sticks as well. With regard to the …

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Astrology Forecast December 2022

Kathy Rose continues with her updated format.  This video is 12 minutes long. Kathy says that the first part of December will strongly favour creative expression as well as finding clarity. She also mentions the opportunity to connect to the frequency of Grace, which will be very potent early in the month, and says that this is also a connection …

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Full Moon in Gemini 7-8th December 2022

In this video (29 min) Pam Gregory speaks of the Full Moon in Gemini on 7-8th December 2022. Pam says that there is a lot going on, with many trigger points for change, and many threads that will unravel, making for interesting times. She also mentions that Pluto is returning to its natal position for the USA (4th July 1776) …

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th 2022

pam gregory astrology forecast november 2022

(28 min) Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th 2022 with Pam Gregory Pam focuses mostly on the total lunar eclipse on the 8th of November, the energy of which will stay with us for the next six months. She thinks that there may be significance to the fact that the eclipse occurs on the day of the US mid-term …

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