Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Kathy Rose AND Pam Gregory

This 1-hour34minute video on the 2024 Astrology Forecast from Rose Astrology features guest Pam Gregory.

This is a powerful video, with two powerful astrologers, predicting a powerful year ahead. This may be a video worth keeping in Favourites, because it could become a useful reference throughout the year.

It sounds like we may need to hang onto our seats and prepare for the ride of our lives. However, it is also likely to be a year with opportunities for quantum leaps in our evolution.
So perhaps we had better start running now, in preparation for the evolutionary leap across the chasm, in order to get to the opportunities to serve, over on more solid ground on the other side!

About Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service

Sydney Goodwill works to enhance all serving souls to develop their service, and to distribute the Ageless Wisdom teachings to all who are searching.

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