Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Full Moon in Leo January 25th 2024

This 53 minute video on the Full Moon in Leo on January 25th 2024 is from Pam Gregory.
Pam’s initial message is to ‘Stay in Peace‘, and to help by meditating for Peace in the war-torn trouble-spots of the world.

Pam says that 2024 will be a year of quantum leaps in consciousness, and many things will be changing. The energy in this year is very different from previous years; in fact, very different from anything we have known. She says that it will be a pivot-point year, and things will never be the same again – but in a positive way.

I am welcoming in an expanded consciousness of Love

Pam says to keep in mind the mantra – ‘I am welcoming in an expanded consciousness of Love’, which is what this year is about. We are going to become much more aware of our interconnectedness, and so the consequent sense of Heart Expansion and Love, is a very important context for 2024.

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