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We are sailing on the Infinite Stream of Life

Sailing on the Infinite stream of life

As world events unfold, we can see the visible and invisible worlds interacting more clearly and immediately than ever before. Our world is responding to invisible forces, some of which have been set loose through human exploitation and neglect of our stewardship of the planet and the lives it supports. These forces are becoming apparent in many ways such as …

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The Discipline of Hope

Over the past 9 months our world has dramatically changed in a way that has affected almost every part of our daily living. It may have affected some more than others, but no one is entirely free from the impact. This is not something that we are experiencing vicariously; it is altering the very patterns of our own day to …

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Weaving a New Garment of the Mother of the World


Around the globe, commemorations of Armistice Day have drawn our focus through the sweep of time since the destructive force of the First World War came to an end. After enduring subsequent wars and conflicts, we realise that it was not, as hoped, the “war to end all wars”. In some ways we are a little wiser now, and the …

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The Era of the Mother of the World

Mother of the World

The Christmas decorations are being stored away and the New Year celebration is becoming a memory. Children are preparing to return to school and their parents are re-immersing in the working week. But our eyes have been refreshed from interaction with family and friends and have been reminded that connections of love underlie what brings peace, happiness and joy. Perhaps …

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Where is Heaven?

Light Through Trees

Some days are so bright with sunshine that one can’t help but feel joy bubbling up and dancing through one’s veins. And then we hear the news reports from around the world about the desperate troubles which still beset humanity in spite of all the progress we have made into enlightened living. Yet, amid all the horror of what is …

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