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Total Lunar Eclipse 15-16th May 2022

In this 29-minute video, Pam Gregory talks about the first half of May and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 15-16th. Pam’s analysis of the potential effects of this full moon and its eclipse becomes unusually intense, as she is predicting major events and significant changes being triggered. She advises us to:-

Stay at the hub of the wheel. [There]’s going to be a lot of rubber hitting the road.  On the outside, the wheel is going to be going faster and faster.  Stay at the hub of the wheel. Stay calm, stay peaceful, stay in your centre, stay in your power and think of yourself almost like a lighthouse – you know the lighthouse is rock solid on a rock.

Pam tells us:-

We are moving into a much more spiritual age of the heart.Pam Gregory

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