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Interview With Mary Bailey On The Esoteric Philosophy Of Alice Bailey

In this 29-minute audio recording on YouTube, Mary Bailey discusses the philosophy of Alice Bailey, the purpose of the Lucis Trust, the Arcane School and the Great Invocation.

Mary Bailey became Head of the Arcane School and President of the Lucis Trust for 33 years.  She was the second wife of Foster Bailey.

The video was published in March this year, but doesn’t say when the interview took place (as Mary Bailey died in 2007) or who the interviewer was.   However,  you may enjoy hearing Mary Bailey’s voice and insights.

Humanity is one of the three major centers in the planet. We’re involved in the larger sense in the evolution of the planet as a whole. Our planetary life is evolving and the contribution and the cooperation of all the major centers is required.Mary Bailey

Mary Bailey’s book, A Learning Experience, is available in paperback from the Lucis Trust https://www.lucistrust.org/store/item/a_learning_experience

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