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Sun In Virgo – Full Moon in Pisces – 2021

Actual Full Moon: Tue 21st Sept 9:54am AEST

This year continues to be very different to anything that most have ever experienced before. There is almost an unpredictable chaos that is happening at the moment, yet behind the outer surface, a plan plays out.

Like when building a house – first a vision is seen, then a clearing of the land, the laying of the foundations, the inside structure assembled, the outer layers put in place, the specifics added and then the beautifying of it all.

Virgo is a lot like the above. It is an earth sign – mutable in nature. Changeable earth – like moving tectonic plates in the ground – shifting, grinding, slowing, quickening, moving, creating new order, arranging form into a newer version.

Purifying the body, the emotions, the mind – Virgo shifts things around in the immediate environment. The energy of this month has been one where this has been happening, whether it appeared evident or not to the conscious mind. The energy has been typical of mutable energy – changing from day to day.

The higher vibration here has seen the Hierarchal ruler of Virgo – Jupiter – travel back into Aquarius. Throughout all the craziness of the current times, Jupiter’s retrograde back into the sign of the water bearer has been a blessing. Wisdom (Jupiter) to the masses (Aquarius) has seen many truths hit home, though the interpretation of the given wisdom is always dependent on the individual.

This delivery of home truths has seen some of the fog lift that has been covering humanity, as we grasp for understanding in challenging times. By the time Jupiter stops retrograding next month and then moves forward, I expect much more clarity of thought and understanding from this time, leading up to the last direct square between Uranus and Saturn.

I can honestly say, that the pressure of this year has to end at some point. The Uranus/Saturn square has reshaped the landscape for the world this year, just like the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunct did last year. They will come together again this year, then slowly move apart again next year before going close again. Saturn will then move away out of the range of Uranus, until a time in the future when they will conjunct again.

Virgo rules the mother principle – that which loves, nurtures and gives birth to the new. This month has seen the birthing of many new ideas and movements, outer manifestations to the inner world of change. Virgo sees this born out into the world, allowing new sparks of purified form to act as vehicles to the inner life of the eternal spirit.

At the time of the Full Moon in Pisces, Neptune will be within 7 degrees conjunct of the Moon. This will allow the opportunity for a heightened spiritual presence and understanding to be available, opposing the earthy and practical energy of the Sun in Virgo.

There is much to be said for the overall meaning of the axis of the 2 signs – Virgo and Pisces. It is a motto which I hold true for myself – head in the clouds while having my feet on the ground. The opening of spiritual energy of Pisces – the collective unconscious – with the organised physical form of Virgo, allows the combination of spirit and matter to come together, showing us that spirit is the highest form of matter, and matter the lowest expression of spirit.

The purification of form is part of our purpose here on Earth, if not our main purpose. Anything that runs contrary to that – where the beauty of form is twisted, changed, mixed unnaturally, poisoned or experimented on – runs contrary to the purpose of the Human being.

Luckily, our purpose is becoming clearer and clearer, as the Higher Life of the planet reveals more of its divine will. Let’s be open to this stimulating impulse, as it uses the energy available from the Solar system and the planets that interact in the greater outer field, to anchor in new change.

The mantra for Virgo – “I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I, matter am”.

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Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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