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Peace Will Come Again On Earth

Peace Will Come Again On Earth

Our dream experiences can often be coloured by what we last read or watched before sleeping. It seems that the subtle impulses reaching us in sleep are presented in terms of the symbols that hover in consciousness from our experience of the outer world. It is as though whatever we focus upon colours or tints the field of our awareness …

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Creating a World Through a Wise Heart

As our world accelerates into a new turn in the upward spiral of its life expression, we may also experience a backwards pull from deep attachments to the known and familiar, like the tug of an outgoing tide. These opposing forces play out through many aspects of our living, and we may find ourselves taking sides in any number of …

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The New Shoots of Goodness Will Flower

When the birth of a new child draws near, most parents experience a sense of expectancy and also of vulnerability for, although the birth process may be anticipated with joy, it also carries risks to the life of both mother and baby. And yet, out of love and the power of the natural order of things, human beings sacrifice certainty …

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Lo! The Light, an Infinite Land of Day

Lo the Light an Infinite Land of Day

With much in the conventional news broadcasts reflecting what is breaking down around our planet, many are looking for alternative sources to provide a more balanced view of the world. And there are many options emerging to offer it. The Positive News Magazine in the UK (, the Good News Network in the USA ( and the Good News Agency …

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The Heart is as Bright as the Sun

Heart is as Bright as the Sun

In the turbulence of catastrophic climate forces, of opposing armed ambitions or conflicting ideologies, and in the swirling undercurrents of the outgoing retrogressive tide, where is the point through which strength comes to guide and empower our way through? The awakening heart knows. The mind can assess facts and strategize, and can as easily become the instrument of baser instincts …

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Bursting with the Joy of the Unknown


We may not often realise how deeply anchored we can be in the “way things are” until a crisis shakes us loose from old moorings and strips away the encrustation of barnacles from our little vessel so it may sail into the ocean of life. In such times – even if only temporarily – we can be reduced to our essence, …

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Love is the Lion of Truth

Lion of Truth

As the seasons turn and extremes of weather have their effect on us all, we are faced with the power of the mighty natural world in which we live, move, breathe and have our being. Our daily lives can be beset with the demands of work, co-workers, friends, family, society and international tensions to the point where we may forget …

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Feel a River Moving in You


Looking through the current turmoil in our world, one can discern the rising response of the human heart to the need of the hour. As that need becomes more urgently clear, so does the heart response intensify. Wherever we look, either immediately around us or through the global media network, points of need within all the natural kingdoms are being …

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The Tenderness Revolution

Tenderness Revolution

The deepest truths are often found in the simplest things when we look into the heart that enlivens their outer form. Appearances really can be deceptive – like fake news – unless we stretch our view beyond the surface and beyond the “twitter” moment. This more subtle and penetrating sense of things is illustrated in the movie, The Hobbit – …

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Merging with the Light of the Rising Sun

Light of the Rising Sun

Amidst the dire events roiling around our world and reported so dramatically in both mainstream and social media, we also find millions of acts of the heart, tiny jewels twinkling like starry beacons guiding us through the burgeoning chaos to the calm of a promised land. These shining gems reveal heart-touching events wherein love and compassion are demonstrated – sometimes …

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