Tuesday , 9 April 2024
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  1. Sally Anne Pethebridge

    Don’t know why your newsletter bounces back from my email. I look forward to it very much. Have resubscribed & message comes up “Oops you’re already subscribed”. Thanks for letting me know. We’ll see what happens next month. Best wishes, Sally Anne.

    • Hi Sally Anne

      I’ve alerted Judy to your problem, so that she can check whether we’ve received any bounce messages at our end that might throw some light on the issue.

      Thanks for letting us know.

  2. add me to mailing list

  3. Judy. Please add me to your newsletter. Thanks Julie

  4. Please subscribe me to your newsletter

  5. Please subscribe me to your newsletter. Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa
      A warm welcome!

      I have confirmed your subscription to our newsletter. I just sent you a test copy of our last newsletter (Festival of Leo). Here’s some extra info in case Gmail treats the newsletter as junk mail …

      If Google’s Gmail put the newsletter in your junk folder, you should move it to your Inbox and that should train Gmail accordingly.

      See also how to whitelist an email address in Gmail and you can whitelist the domain “sydneygoodwill.org.au” (without the quotation marks).

      Peace be with you,

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