Monday , 3 October 2022
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Libra Sun Aries Full Moon 2020

Actual Full Moon: Friday 2nd October 7:05am AEST Keynote: I CHOOSE THE WAY WHICH LEADS BETWEEN THE TWO GREAT LINES OF FORCE The month where the Sun passes in front of Libra, from our view on Earth, is always an interesting one in the yearly astrological cycle. Firstly, it signifies the change of seasons, from either Winter to Spring in …

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September the 21st – 2020 – The International Day of Peace

peace dove

On this coming 21st of September 2020, we will have the 40th – United Nations recognised – International Day of Peace. Having started in 1981 as Peace day, it was established in 2002 to be recognised every year on the 21st of September. Due to time differences, the day of the 21st will be celebrated at different times all over …

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Virgo Sun Pisces Moon 2020

Actual Full Moon: Wednesday 2nd Sept 3:22pm AEST Keynote: I AM THE MOTHER AND THE CHILD. I, GOD, I, MATTER AM As the Earth continues to move around the Sun for this year, it now lines up with the constellation of Virgo from our view here on Earth. We leave behind the fiery brilliance of the Leo energy and move into the …

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Wisdom Bites – Planetary Archetypes

36-minute video from Monadic Media featuring speakers William Meader & Heidi Robbins You’ve got to understand that a planet is an entity too. The planet is an entity and it’s evolving and it has a lower nature and a higher nature and sometimes the planet’s lower nature is being what is recognized and sometimes it’s its higher nature. So just …

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Leo Sun Aquarius Moon 2020

Actual Full Moon: Tuesday 4th Aug 1:58am AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia) As we proceed through this most difficult and turbulent of years that many can remember, we enter a new phase for the next month. The energies of the lion of Leo will come into light, changing the dynamic from the watery and home-based (both locally and national) Cancerian …

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Cancer Sun Capricorn Full Moon 2020

FULL MOON: Sunday 5th July 2:44pm AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia) This year continues to recalibrate our existence here on Earth. When we think that things have settled and a level of normalcy will ensue, we are hit with another wave of impact of energies which continually move the markers of how we live our lives. Wave after wave of change is …

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Sun In Gemini – Full Moon in Sagittarius 2020

Actual Full Moon: Saturday 6th June 2020 @ 5:12 am AEST Keynote:  I RECOGNISE MY OTHER SELF AND IN THE WANING OF THAT SELF, I GROW AND GLOW Last week you would have probably been aware of the change in energies from the more solid and stable Taurus – to the airy and changeable Gemini. Needless to say, you might …

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Taurus Sun – Scorpio Full Moon – The Wesak festival

buddha taurus

Actual Full Moon: Thursday 7th May 8:45 pm AEST This coming week heralds the high spiritual point of the year, where the Buddha is said to give his blessing to Humanity,  received by the waiting Christ and the distributed at the next Full Moon festival in the sign of Gemini. And so, this is a particularly potent time, adding to …

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To thine own Self be true – Aries article April 2020


Actual Full Moon: Wed 8th April 12:35pm AEST (*Time in Sydney, Australia) We have begun a new astrological year. Every year around about the time of the Autumn/Spring equinox (approximate), the Sun finishes a yearly cycle in Pisces, then enters Aries. This is a time for a reset, new challenges, new beginnings, a new look on older themes…or if you are …

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Pisces Sun – Virgo Full Moon – March 2020

FULL MOON: Tues 10th March 4:47 am AEDT (Time in Sydney, Australia) We have almost come to the end of the astrological year, with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac. In reality, there is no real beginning and ending, as ALL signs merge and blend into one large entity of massive proportion. Yet for the processes of any …

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