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Scorpio Sun Taurus Full Moon 2015

scorpio sun taurus full moon

As the Sun passed through Libra, an emphasis on decision and balance was sought out as the scales of justice were applied and emphasised to our lives. As decisions were made during that time, we now have the chance to know what could hold us back from achieving those decisions or goals, what lurks beneath the waters on a deeper …

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Libra Sun Aries Full Moon 2015

libra sun

I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.” The higher mantram for Libra is “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force”. This seems an especially relevant mantram for humanity at this stage in our evolution. One of the key phrases here is “I choose”, meaning there is informed choice to …

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Sun in Virgo – Moon in Pisces 2015

sun in virgo

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are almost at the end of our winter. With the change comes spring, the quintessential season for the birthing of the new. After a long winter, nature changes its energy, allowing the growth of everything to start growing, or to come to full term. Flower buds begin their opening, plants begin their upward search, …

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Sun in Leo Moon in Aquarius

sun in leo

The Sun is  the biggest object in our sky, the giver of life on Earth. It is the star which reaches out with its influence and gravitational hold for billions of kilometres to the end of our solar system; it holds Pluto within its reach, and rules the constellation of Leo, the lion. Leo is part of the new age Leo …

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Sun In Cancer Moon in Capricorn

sun in cancer

In the Southern Hemisphere, the arrival of the winter solstice signals the start of winter, a time for retreat as we move indoors and usually seek the warmth and comfort of the home and its warmth. At the same time the influence of the energies of Cancer begin their more immediate impact, conditioning with a subtleness our everyday lives. Winter …

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Sun in Gemini – Moon in Sagittarius 2015

sun in gemini

From the view of the Earth, the Sun is currently moving through the constellation of Gemini. In so doing, we feel the effects of the constellation as it pours energy through the life force of our Solar system, our star, the Sun. When we are born, we look to the position of the Sun to determine what our Sun or …

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Aries Sun Libra Moon

aries sun

Sun in Aries Full Moon in Libra 2015 Are you feeling the pressure? by Stephen Bayliss Many of us are feeling a lot of inner and outer pressure at the moment. A quick look at the astrological chart and you can see why, with many planets in fire signs, predominantly in Aries. I believe this is the reason for much of …

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Three Spiritual Festivals

Will you join us in meditation during these spiritual festivals and so help to create that unity of consciousness essential to a true and lasting peace? Easter Festival in Aries – Wednesday, 23rd March 2016 Wesak Festival in Taurus – Thursday 21st April 2016 Festival of Humanity and World Invocation Day in Gemini – Saturday 21st May 2016 Meetings are held …

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Pisces full moon 2015

full moon in pisces

Sun in Pisces Full Moon in Virgo 2015 A time of service to others and a moving into closer union with spirit by Stephen Bayliss As we round out the astrological year, we head into the mystical waters of Pisces, represented by two fish facing in different directions. Pisces is a mutable water sign and as such is highly adaptable, changeable and …

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Aquarius Full Moon


Sun in Aquarius Full Moon in Leo 2015 Subtle expression and awareness of world and community issues by Stephen Bayliss After the reflective and somewhat more serious time in Capricorn, the Sun moves its way into Aquarius. Aquarius is actually a fixed air sign, though at times is mistaken as a water sign, due to its visual interpretation and symbolism …

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