Tuesday , 5 December 2023
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Full Moon in Cancer January 6th 2023

In this 38-minute video, Pam Gregory discusses the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th 2023. Pam thanks all those who have sent her healing energy, and says that it has had a remarkable effect. From being immobilised by her damaged knee just four weeks ago, she is now walking again, and without sticks as well. With regard to the …

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Astrology Forecast December 2022

Kathy Rose continues with her updated format.  This video is 12 minutes long. Kathy says that the first part of December will strongly favour creative expression as well as finding clarity. She also mentions the opportunity to connect to the frequency of Grace, which will be very potent early in the month, and says that this is also a connection …

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Full Moon in Gemini 7-8th December 2022

In this video (29 min) Pam Gregory speaks of the Full Moon in Gemini on 7-8th December 2022. Pam says that there is a lot going on, with many trigger points for change, and many threads that will unravel, making for interesting times. She also mentions that Pluto is returning to its natal position for the USA (4th July 1776) …

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th 2022

pam gregory astrology forecast november 2022

(28 min) Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th 2022 with Pam Gregory Pam focuses mostly on the total lunar eclipse on the 8th of November, the energy of which will stay with us for the next six months. She thinks that there may be significance to the fact that the eclipse occurs on the day of the US mid-term …

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Astrology Forecast November 2022

kathy rose astrology forecast november 2022

(15 min)  This is a very different style of presentation from Kathy; she says this is a time for change, adventure and expansion, and she has put that into practice by changing her whole format. Kathy highlights a quote, that says; ‘Learning when to release and let go is a super power!’ She adds to that the pertinent observation, that …

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Astrology Forecast October 2022 with Kathy Rose

kathy rose astrology october 2022

In this 7-minute video, Kathy Rose says “Your actions will be highly visible in October.” Kathy says that the month of October becomes a powerful, compassionate and intuitive time. You can expect new ideas and breakthroughs in your thinking, so best to be open to the possibilities. In the first part of the month, actions will become highly visible and …

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Full Moon in Aries October 9th 2022

Pam Gregory full moon in aries 2022

In this 26-minute video, Pam Gregory talks about the first half of October and the Full Moon in Aries on the 9th. Pam says October is likely to be a crescendo for the clash between the old and the new. However, she says that the simple act of staying in the emotions of joy, peace, love, gratitude and appreciation, adds …

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Astrology Forecast September 2022 with Kathy Rose

In this 8-minute astrology video, Kathy Rose talks about the astrology forecast for September. Get ready for a September to remember – jam-packed full of astrological patterns and influences. I’m sending you so much love for September [with] so many blessings; and my wish for you is that you become an even more active person with your positive thinking, with …

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Full Moon in Pisces 10th September 2022

In this 30-minute video, Pam Gregory talks about the first half of September and the Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th. According to Pam, it seems that September and October might turn out to be somewhat turbulent. However, Pam emphasises that in spite of this, we can stay in control of our energy and frequency, simply by refusing to …

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Astrology Forecast August 2022 – Kathy Rose

In this 6-minute video, Kathy says that this August it will be very important to breathe, relax, be still and remain in the present moment, as there is a powerful opportunity to collectively understand the power of stillness, presence and being in the now. This will also be a time where super powerful energy can then be taken to a …

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