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Full Moon in Cancer January 6th 2023

In this 38-minute video, Pam Gregory discusses the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th 2023.

Pam thanks all those who have sent her healing energy, and says that it has had a remarkable effect. From being immobilised by her damaged knee just four weeks ago, she is now walking again, and without sticks as well.

With regard to the new year’s astrological energy, Pam present us with a question; “What do you want to create?” She says that the bigger picture has very potent and powerful energy, whenever we come together to create good in the world. This energy will be needed in a world facing many significant changes in the times ahead. She encourages us to leave the ‘Fear’ camp, and join the ‘Love’ camp, in order to bring the New Earth into manifestation.

CORRECTION: Pam has published a correction: “I mention the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the start of the month – slip of the tongue, I was talking about the Venus-Pluto conjunction and the meanings are correct for that. Apologies!”

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