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Full Moon in Cancer December 26-27th 2023

(46min)  Full Moon in Cancer December 26-27th 2023 – Pam Gregory
The Full Moon is not discussed in the first part of Pam’s video; the Full Moon issues start at 10:49. Pam says that the Full Moon in Cancer is really highlighted, because the Moon rules Cancer, and energises empathetic and nurturing energy.

Pam indicates that there is energy for many quantum leaps during the coming year, so she suggests that it would be a good idea to have a vision of the Self that you are aiming to become, and defines the question: “Who are you aiming to become as a state of being by the end of 2024?” In these times, there is a need for us to become strong, resilient, self-sufficient, more pioneering, more sure of our inner power, with autonomy and an understanding that I know who I am.

Pam says re the Solstice on 21st 22nd December depending on where in the world you live, it includes very positive and expansive aspects coming in.  If you can’t think of a better Mantra, use:-

 I’m welcoming in an expanded consciousness of Love

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