Tuesday , 4 June 2024
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The Maverick Podcast with Kathy Rose – Episode 27, with guest Pam Gregory

In this 36-minute video, Pam Gregory and Kathy Rose appear together.

This is a wide-ranging discussion covering present and near-future changes and challenges. Kathy says that we all incarnate into this classroom of life, and use our bodies to polish and experience the physical plane, but we are all at different grades in this diverse classroom, so we are not all on the same page, which can bring about differences. It is always best to be aware of this, look at each situation that arises, and then move on without being fearful.

Pam says that each of us needs to adopt the policy of ‘Going it alone, but within the group’.

Pam also indicates that many of us really need a Thought Policeman, who can say ‘No, stop that thought’, when we worry about negative possibilities and inadvertently manifest the feared scenario.

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