Monday , 13 July 2020
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Reflect the Truth and Beauty of Life

Lotus of Truth & Beauty

Here in the Southern hemisphere we are in the midst of the Spring season and the fragrance of flowering plants floats invisibly and silently on subtle air currents, carrying memories of past cycles and anticipation of the new. As we breathe in the beauty and promise of each season passing in its cyclic progression, we too automatically move through the …

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Where is Heaven?

Light Through Trees

Some days are so bright with sunshine that one can’t help but feel joy bubbling up and dancing through one’s veins. And then we hear the news reports from around the world about the desperate troubles which still beset humanity in spite of all the progress we have made into enlightened living. Yet, amid all the horror of what is …

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Like the Sun, a radiant heart unfolds beauty

Radiant Sun

Our compassion flows out to those suffering pain and terror amidst the conflicts that ravage so much of our planet. And while our hearts weep for those in pain and we work to bring aid to them, it is increasingly critical that hope be kept alive and be allowed to flower into those solutions that lead to the peaceful understanding …

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