Tuesday , 9 April 2024
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A note of gratitude

We’d like to take this opportunity to express our heart-felt gratitude to the friends and co-workers who support the service work of Sydney Goodwill so generously. May the blessings of the One Life, in Whose circulatory flow we live, and move and have our being, be with you.

Sydney Goodwill is financed and supported solely by voluntary contributions.  We work in cooperation with all individuals and groups of like mind and purpose to promote understanding, goodwill and right human relations across our planet. We encourage inter-group activity and endeavour to assist in the emergence on our planet of the Plan for our time, with recognition of the oneness and interdependence of all life.

“The world has a spiritual destiny. Behind evolution there is an abiding purpose, which we call the Plan of God. The divine Plan can only work out into expression through humanity. Each of us is responsible for doing all we can in our daily living to express its meaning and significance.”

Sydney Goodwill is a “Unit of Service”, one of many “Units of Service” throughout the world, formed by groups of people who respond to a shared vision to promote the establishment of right human relations. Units are affiliated with World Goodwill which has headquarters in London, Geneva and New York. A “unit” is autonomous and chooses its particular form of service.

If you would like to contribute to our service work – Please phone or visit our donation page.

About Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service

Sydney Goodwill works to enhance all serving souls to develop their service, and to distribute the Ageless Wisdom teachings to all who are searching.

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