Tuesday , 21 May 2024
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AMA – a short film by Julie Gautier

Freediver Julie Gautier, who is married fellow diver Guillaume Néry, performed an absolutely gorgeous, beautifully choreographed dance at the bottom of the Y40, the deepest swimming pool in the world. Gautier’s dance conveyed incredible grace and meaning, yet was performed for six minutes on an amazing single breath. Julie Gautier explained the meaning of the dance in personal terms.

JULIE: “Ama is a silent film. It tells a story everyone can interpret in their own way, based on their own experience. There is no imposition, only suggestions. I wanted to share my biggest pain in this life with this film. For this is not too crude, I covered it with grace. To make it not too heavy, I plunged it into the water. I dedicate this film to all the women of the world.” Julie

See also https://laughingsquid.com/freediver-performs-dance-in-worlds-deepest-pool/ for some extra scenes taken from her underwater dance.

Here is a film about her and free diving at:

Julie Gautier of France captures the sporting challenge of freediving in mesmerizingly beautiful videos. She meticulously plans every move. When diving without air, it isn’t easy to make repeat takes.

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