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global silent minute december 2022

Annual Global Silent Minute – 21 December 2022 at 9 pm GMT




21 December 2022 is the fourth anniversary of the Global Silent Minute and this year our theme is undeniable Truth that arises from our reconnection through the Heart with the Chalice of Humanity.

The journey so far…

2019 The first year of the Global Silent Minute was a shared minute of global silence to pause to recalibrate our identity within the One Heart of the One Life – for global cooperation, peace and freedom.

2020 The second year of the Global Silent Minute was a shared minute of global silence to restore our identity within the Chalice of Silence – that deep, eternal chamber within the Heart.

2021 The third year of the Global Silent Minute took the opportunity to regenerate through a shared minute of global silence within the planetary Chalice – in recognition of the need to bring to our hearts from the Chalice of Humanity, the recognition of the rightful place of the Mother of the World within our planetary and Cosmic schemes. Throughout the year we have been struck by re-membering our knowing of Her majestic power and Humanity’s responsibility to work with the flow and rhythm of Her Breath and Heart-beat as we accept our destiny as co-creators and custodians for our beautiful blue planet.

2022 In the fourth year of the Global Silent Minute we pause in a shared minute of global silence to re-orientate through Silence to a new compass – the Chalice of Truth that dwells within the Heart of Humanity.

reorient through silence to the chalice of truth

The same unalterable Truth is eternally given to humanity repeatedly, but clothed in various garments throughout all arenas of physical life. Inspired by Agni Yoga sloka 178

As we live our holistic identity where we realise our simultaneous existence and persistence within the three worlds – the Fiery, the Subtle and the Manifest Worlds – we recognise the synthesis of the underlying fabric of the One Life and the necessity to use the Sword of Truth to cut through distortions, mists, glamours and illusions to reveal the Chalice of Truth at the Heart of Humanity.

In the Agni Yoga Teachings, it is said that Helena Roerich learned to recognize pure truth and was able to discard all earthly husks to see the truth at the heart of events. Adapted, Supermundane 634

The Thinker said, “Let us learn to recognize truth. It exists, although there are many veils obscuring it.” Supermundane 634

Further, there is a rhythm and sound to truth:

… the rhythm of truth is an invincible stronghold.  It is not a pile of words, but a rhythmic sound, that carries decisive significance. …The lightning of truth can strike down, but can also resurrect. … Truth is not an abstraction, rather it is the realisation of cosmic laws based on direct experience.  The direct path of perfect truth is perceived through straight-knowledge* and is devoid of any personal element.  The experience accumulated in the centre of the chalice gives this invincible knowledge. Adapted, Agni Yoga sloka 156

As we celebrate the fourth year of Global Silent Minute at 9pm GMT on 21 December 2022 we have chosen to simply work with the rhythmic sound of truth.

We know that silence is not the absence of sound but rather the intermingling of sounds.

This year we will be live-streaming this event and to optimise our experience together in the Silence we will create a clip in which the beautiful Tibetan singing bowl will sound twelve times in the lead up to, and following, the actual minute of silence.

We invite diarising this date in your calendar and more information will be provided.

*Straight-knowledge: dwells in the heart Heart, sloka 472; is the kindled fire of the heart Hierarchy, sloka 200; concerns cosmic truth Heart, sloka 472; is synthesis of action during earthly existence Agni Yoga sloka 549; and at the centre of the Chalice where predestined knowledge for the future evolution is concentrated Agni Yoga sloka 596.

References: As well as references cited above, inspiration is also drawn from Agni Yoga, slokas 178 and 180.


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