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as our Heart beats in rhythm with the Heartbeat of the

The Annual Global Silent Minute will be broadcast on Facebook Live on 21 December 2021 at 9pm GMT.  The event will last 30 minutes and begin at twenty minutes to the hour at 8:40pm GMT.  We will participate in a minute of Silence at 9pm GMT and will finish at ten minutes after the hour 9:10pm GMT.

We will celebrate the third anniversary of the Global Silent Minute on 21 December 2021 at 9pm GMT under the theme of Regeneration Through Silence.

More about these three words…

Regeneration …  In the Agni Yoga Teachings, it is said that the birth of the New Era will be brought about only through the regeneration of the Spirit. Further, for this regeneration to take place the art of thinking must be completely and consciously regenerated and this is only possible if we understand that we live, not just in the world of appearances but, in three worlds – the Fiery, the Subtle and the Manifest – simultaneously.

Regeneration acknowledges the need to restore our knowing of Humanity’s greater identity of living simultaneously within the three worlds and our destiny as custodians of the planet for the resurrection of Spirit within all kingdoms of Life.

Through…  is related to the Law of Economy which the Tibetan Master says, at its deepest level, adjusts all that concerns the material and spiritual evolution of the cosmos “to the best possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force” and “describes the next racial expansion of consciousness”.  A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, 568

In using Through we acknowledge the energetic power of this humble preposition which, when consciously employed, facilitates the revelation of the true relationship between matter and spirit in the unification of the worlds.

The use of Through is an invitation to restore our right relationship with the rhythm of the eternal.  We are invited to forgo the unevenness of rhythm that results when we over-identify with the physical or Manifest World. Instead we are invited to move into that space which is not form, which is between forms, that is within the dimensions of our own true identity.

Through is like the chalice, the symbol for the New Era. And, in the New Era, we need to use the art of thinking in how we think about this symbol. Rather than being a vessel which first receives and then pours out its contents to thirsty Humanity, perhaps the chalice serves differently. Perhaps it resides within the flow of Life and the energies flow through it. Thus it serves as a Distributor of Life.  The chalice for the New Era is a mechanism for the flow of the currents of Life through it, and the source of the flow begins in Silence.

Silence… At the heart of the Global Silent Minute is the creative tension of the minute of Silence.  It is this cosmic creative tension that we have the opportunity to tap into and utilise, as we take the time to stop, to still, to listen and learn the language of Silence – the unspoken magnetic and radiatory language of the Heart.

It is said that our physical hearts are on loan to us in the Manifest World for the purpose of communion in the One Heart.  Imagine that – 7.9 billion people living in the Manifest World with “borrowed” physical hearts for their life-span in this incarnation!  And for what purpose?  To at some point recollect, realise and re-member our interconnectedness in the Oneness of all Life.

When we speak of this Communion in the One Heart as Silence as Action we recognize the power of Silence, the power of the architecture of the energy of constructive thought behind any expression in word-form. And behind the thought we recognize the fiery power of the creative tension of the formless substance. In speaking of Silence as Action we acknowledge Humanity’s increasing capacity to work within the Fiery and Subtle Worlds of formless substance and constructive thought to anchor these energies within the Manifest World through the magnet of the One Heart and throughout the magnets of the “borrowed” hearts within us.

As we recognise the relationship of our individual hearts within the communion of the One Heart – we begin to realise the power of the revitalising and rejuvenating reservoir of regenerative Silence at the core of the One Heart.  In the Agni Yoga Teachings it is said that:

“After all the demarcations have been made, we inevitably arrive at the synthesis of the heart. We need not mention that silence arises from an intermingling of all the sounds. So let us learn to correlate the heart with silence. But this silence will not be a void; it will saturate space with the synthesis of thought. Just as a heartfelt prayer has no need of words, a saturated silence has no need of formulas. An intensified silence requires creation of many strata of thought as well as many benevolent desires. So the heart, intensified by silence and full of energy like an electric generator, beats out the rhythm of the Universe, and personal desires are transformed into the all-guiding Universal Will. That is how cooperation with the distant worlds develops”. Heart, 68

Dedicating the annual 2021 Global Silent Minute to the theme of Regeneration Through Silence is an arrow to the 7.9 billion “borrowed” hearts in incarnation to invite them to beat in rhythm with the Heartbeat of the Mother of the World as we labour to fulfil our destiny to make this beautiful blue planet sacred.

Thus we will pause for a minute on 21 December 2021 at 9pm GMT to re-member our knowing of the majestic power of the Mother of the World and Humanity’s destined work with Her to Regenerate Through Silence

The Annual Global Silent Minute will be broadcast on Facebook Live on 21 December 2021 at 9pm GMT.  The event will last 30 minutes and begin at twenty minutes to the hour at 8:40pm GMT.  We will participate in a minute of Silence at 9pm GMT and will finish at ten minutes after the hour 9:10pm GMT.

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