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Aquarius Sun – Leo Full Moon 2020

FULL MOON: Sunday 9th February 2020, 6:33 pm AEDT (Time in Sydney, Australia)

Whenever there is a Full Moon, we have an axis of energies at play. Two opposing sides, two particularly different styles of energies, yet both ultimately from the same source. Such is the same in life. If you read on any subject, you can usually see two points of view and depending on who is speaking or commenting about it, both views can be presented where you can see elements of truth that might persuade someone to follow either way.

We are currently in the sign of Aquarius, which is the sign of the water bearer. The Sun, our great luminary and giver of Life is travelling through the sign of Aquarius, from our view here on Earth. At the peak period of the Full Moon, the moon will itself be briefly in the sign of Leo for 2.5 days, from our view here on Earth.

As mentioned above, there is an axis of energies at play during the Full Moon, as we experience opposite ends of the spectrum. The Sun as the most direct energy, has full access to radiate its rays and power to the Earth, uninhibited by the Moon. The Moon on the other hand, does not have to block any part of the Sun’s energy flow to the Earth, as it is completely on the opposite side. It is free to reflect its light and also affect us in its way, through the power of its gravitational pull and its wonderful regular homely cycle, which we can also rely upon.

In Aquarius we have the sign that is most linked to the new world and the new era. A sign whose essence is designed to share and to give to others. The higher mantra – “Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men” says it all. The symbol of the sign – a person holding a jug containing wisdom, experience, life, etc. – is poured forth to anyone that needs it. The contents of the jug are not meant to be hoarded or given to a select few but shared to anyone who is thirsty and is needing sustenance of any kind.

Leo on the other hand is not necessarily a sign of sharing with the collective community, at least on its lowest level. Leo is a sign where the true essence of the sign is about finding one’s self, amongst the collective whole. We come from a collective whole and we lose that sense, to find our own selves within that greater field of energy. Without a drop of water, we would not know that we are indeed a drop of water. Yet we are still always part of the greater whole.

The mantra for Leo is “I am that and that am I”, signalling an understanding that I am both a Self, and yet a self that is part of a much greater whole. Until there is that understanding, we know ourselves as separate only, and the power and the understanding that comes in Aquarius, is not used or understood.

This is what creates the illusion of separation. It is what we see when we witness leaders who seem to be completely oblivious to their surroundings or to their actions, as they only know themselves as the “I am that” and do not understand the rest of the mantra that includes the “and that am I”. In the non-registering of their own divinity, only seeing things as separate and not being included with the great universal energy, they can live from a space that continues to think only in terms of the I am that, and thus, will not pour forth the contents of the jug to others as does the water bearer in Aquarius.

If we do manage to negotiate the axis of energies with Aquarius and Leo, what do we get? We get a fully functioning Soul that understands that they are very much part of a community and an Earth where we are all Human and that each decision we make has an impact on everything around us, including each kingdom. The reason this comes about is that they understand the opposite energy – one where the wisdom that they are a Self and are allowed to have a personal and intimate experience known as Life – yet are still very much part of that one greater Life and so are always connected. Here is the combination of the two energies and what we are striving to understand as we head into the New Era that is on our doorstep.

From a purely astrological transit point of view, the last month has been intense, as you are probably more than aware. The Pluto/Saturn conjunction has been very powerful, throwing spanners in the works in many areas of the world. The power and transformation of Pluto, which can bring death to forms and structures of living has been strong. Likewise, Saturn, the great leveller, has been busy with its work.

Between the coronavirus, the Iran/US conflict, the fires in Australia and the impeachment of Donald Trump, the world seems like it is teetering on a knife-edge at times. We cannot be aware of the reasons for all that happens, as there are always much bigger aspects at play.

We do know that even the purest effects of a planetary alignment or transit can be distorted by those who live as selfish lives. If we have a look at the lower mantra for the sign of Aquarius, we have “And the word said: Let desire in form be ruler”. Plenty of those in power who can distort the effects of particular energies, are ruled by selfish desire. They do not see the whole, and so they twist, manipulate and react to any newer energy so that it somehow benefits them.

As we see with the lower mantra for Leo “And the word said: Let other forms exist, I rule”, the ruling elite are great at wanting to keep power in their hands. In this new world though, with powerful planetary transits coming together to break apart the world order, they will need to work harder and harder at this.

At the end of this year we will have another great planetary aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, which go conjunct together in Aquarius. I see this very much as the silver lining of current happenings, a positive to the some of the problems we are now experiencing in the world. The last time they were together in Aquarius was in 1408, many years ago. The whole of this year is a lead up to this transit, after we experience the remnants of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction.

Great conjunctions happen roughly every 20 years, when the faster moving Jupiter catches up to Saturn. The reason this one is important is that they are both together in Aquarius, of which they both rule. Saturn is co-ruler of Aquarius with Uranus, while Jupiter is said to be the Esoteric or Soul ruler. Having them together in the sign of Aquarius appears very significant, but more of that in the coming months.

The planets always move, creating an endless dance of energies in the section of space that we call our Solar system. Knowing that we are part of this system and are not separate at all, will go a long way in bringing together the energies of the axis of Aquarius and Leo.

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