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Aquarius Sun Leo Full Moon

We are entering times like nothing else seen on Earth. Every day there seems to be a new twist, a new direction, an outer happening that tugs at the very core of the fabric of our living. Each day we are bombarded with a new threat, a new tweet, a subsequent reaction, and a heartfelt response from us living as Humanity. With each passing day, the new age of Aquarius is becoming more and more a reality. No longer will anyone living on Earth be “under a rock”. Each day there are examples that show the magnitude of the current period of life, wherein it is obvious to most, and becoming obvious to more, that we are all connected.

Aquarius is the supreme sign for our inauguration into the new times. The symbol of the water bearer, pouring forth his heart and his water of life to thirsty men and women. Men and women that have heard the sound of the new age, one to which the inner being, that exists in all men, calls us. Aquarius is perfectly placed, as is everything, lending us the energy and direction needed to make the next great leap of evolution, through the mind alive with the heart.

The sudden and current upheavals playing out across the globe speak of the influence of Uranus, the bringer of the new. It has been sitting in Aries for a long time, but now as it comes into the last third of its journey through the sign most associated with new beginnings, it has really begun to anchor outwards its effect. Of course it has been building on this for years, but we are starting to see the outward pouring and evocation of this energy, helped by some highly powerful and loving energies. The next few years will see this continue before the real anchoring into concrete form will happen when it goes into Taurus.

The higher learning and truth with which we are bombarded more and more is perhaps being handed to us by the Esoteric or Soul ruler of Aquarius, The magnificent Jupiter. This planet is sending waves of illumined truth through the ranks of Humanity, and we are responding. Whatever we may think of the current leaders, there does seem to be an element of let’s just say what is on our minds at the moment, regardless of the consequences. Diplomacy is lacking, yet after being lead by a suppressing establishment for so long, there is an element of freedom in truth being spoken, even through a misty lens….

The world certainly has its problems, and through the light pouring in, the remaining darkness is becoming so apparent. Yet could it never be any other way. It is said in the books of Alice Bailey that only after EVERY pilgrim has come home, can the Supreme Being that ensouls our planet finish his duty. We cannot leave anyone behind, regardless of our feelings or our thoughts about them. We are being shown, through unrelenting repetition and truth, that we are all one. One country’s pain is our pain, wherever we are. This is the message of Aquarius, who ignites us in brotherhood, even through diversity. Nowhere will we feel this more strongly than in Aquarius……

The chart is full of dynamic interplay. I think we can all sort of feel it. A lot of challenge is presenting, with a t-square, oppositions and a kite, showing us the turbulent times upon us. In saying that, there is quite a lot of trines and support as well. One thinks that for every challenge coming, The Hierarchy and those who dwell on the higher realms will be there with us step by step. We won’t be doing this alone. In fact I would hasten to say, we have all the help we need, just be open to it.

Part of the continued challenge facing us is the Uranus (in Aries) opposition with Jupiter (in Libra). As mentioned above, these 2 both rule the sign Aquarius. In this case we could really look at it as a battle between our personality and Soul natures, with the personality of Humanity fighting hard to keep itself at its most basic, selfish level and the higher Soul vibration, which is more inclusive and considers a greater whole, trying to burst through and lead us on. The Balance between finding the new and staying in an old outdated way and trying to make that great again……is definitely playing out.

We currently have both Venus and Mars in Aries. These planets, representing Women and Men, are both going through the sign most associated with new beginnings. As we all struggle to balance the feminine and masculine sides of our own natures, Aries is demanding a new start and beginning. Observations tell me this is slowly happening, with women’s sports here is Australia really taking off this summer. A greater balance is being wrought out on subtle levels, as we learn to balance duality in our own natures. One cannot avoid the influence of Jupiter in Libra in this.

Saturn is still currently lending its amazing structure and discipline through a trine to the Uraniun energies. Trines are angles that allow support, lending help like a big older brother who has been there and done that or a friend who will experience it with you and pick you up if needed. With all the change coming, we are reminded of our responsibility, and through this we pay off much Karma. It is a very favourable trine.

At the time of the full moon, the moon itself comes into this energy and joins it, ending up in a brief grand trine. What a lucky event for us, with a Leo fire moon joining the positive relationship of Saturn and Uranus. Being all in fire means it will be great for the relation between us and our spiritual essence, playing out in a personal way. We can forward to this, as there will be a period wherein our emotions can be expressed in a harmonious way, as long as we take responsibility for them.

The continuing t-square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter is still playing out. Like a long drawn out battle that we think is over and then it changes to form something completely new, it won’t leave us alone. Making sure it shakes all the fruit out of the tree is how I think of this transit. Just when we think there is nothing left to change, in it comes again. Add Jupiter’s expansive nature and we can see what seem to be the current woes of the world play out on this transit alone. Yet, Life knows no lack, only change. Change is only hard when we resist, when we fight something that will bring more light. My advice here is to expect the ride to stay bumpy – just make sure you have your seat belt on and try and enjoy the view.

The ruler of this dynamic chart (with no surprise really) is Aries. Dynamic, cardinal fire layers this chart, leaving this full moon as one with deeply powerful, subtle overtures. With the Aries spiritual full moon two months away, one gets a feeling there will be some intense lead up, flowing out through the outer world.

If you want to embark on on a new journey, one backed with the love from our spiritual elders, now would seem to be the time to start it.

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