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aries sun
Adapted from 1907 Painting by Mikalojus Čiurlionis -Avinas (Aries)

Aries Sun Libra Full Moon 2016

Every time this year for the last few years, I have been aware of a build-up of energetic force leading up to the start of the spiritual festival and the Aries full moon. It started years ago with a particular focus of study I was doing, which had the direction of removing yourself from your emotional state and an overly productive concrete mind and then being the observer of those emotions and thoughts, common with forms of psychology and esoteric study. The purpose of this was to observe only, for detachment from the outer surroundings and environment, to see with eyes and listen with ears but also to use your intuition to perceive what lies behind things.

Year after year there was some refinement with this process, as the subtlest observations were noted and explored. There appeared to be a process where after the silence of the Christmas period and the closing of businesses (not all) and the taking of holidays, life would begin to slowly come back into productivity. People would go back to work, children would go back to school and life would then begin to wind back up again, with exceptions of course.

From there and in February, there would begin a quickening of energy, subtly at first, but then increasing, with a sharpening of focus and spiritual pressure. Almost like someone either lightly or strongly pushing down on your head or shoulders whilst you resisted the movement to try to maintain upright posture and to avoid being thrown off balance.

At this time, people say “There is something in the air.”

As the time got closer to Easter and the full moon during the time of the Sun in Aries, this would increase, reaching the point where like a pressure cooker, energetic expression and expression of life was acute. People everywhere would be looking to others saying, ‘there is something in the air’ or looking to astrologers and asking ‘is there something happening to the stars at the moment’?

We are told in the esoteric philosophy that during the full moons in Aries, Taurus and Gemini that there is a great energetic releases of energy, culminating from the Planetary Logos or Spirit of the Earth, the Hierarchy of the Masters of the wisdom, the Buddha and the Christ.

This begins with the Full moon in Aries, where the symbolism of Easter and the death and rebirth of the Christ prevail. If we think about it in terms of astrology only, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiacal wheel and then Aries is the first. Through Pisces we have completion with the one and with Aries we have the beginning of the new, the spark of ideation, administering out from the higher realms and descending out for grounding and blessing through the earthy enlightened Taurus, then given to Humanity by the communicator Gemini.

Aries is known for its passion, ruled by Mars on the traditional level. Rushing blindly into battle whether that be physical or mental, passion rules. This of course is good when something needs to be done but when done blindly, can cause major problems, as we have seen so many times in our recorded history where wars have been fought without a true thought of the impact of the actions of the war.

The esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury, bringing in strong mental focus and the ability to direct the passion and the initiating spark of Aries from a refined mind. At this level it brings in the higher mantram of Aries beautifully “I come forth, and from the plane of Mind I rule”. Some might take this as ruling others but really what it is saying is: I rule from the higher realms of mind and not over others. It is to have dominion over one’s own lower thoughts and emotions, leading it to directing of aspiration and focus.

From here Aries can be a true leader for others as passion and directing energy comes from a place that is not pure blind passion, but one that considers before acting. It can lend its tremendous fire nature to new ideas and direction and give all of its will and focus to complete something that is more than itself.

Aries is said to be ruled by Ray 1 – Will and Power, and Ray 7 – Ceremonial Order and Magic. This gives it all the power needed to bring through any new spiritual vision, goal or ideation that comes through at this time, plus the organising power to manifest out into the external world.

One look at the chart for the exact time of the full moon and the word ‘Fire’ comes to mind. We have the Sun in Aries, in the 5th house traditionally ruled by Leo and the ascendant in Sagittarius, meaning all fire signs are involved on some level.

The element of fire is very much related to both creative and destructive energy, purifying the old worn out ideas and replacing them with new creation. If it is right that new energy will be available during this full moon period, then there could be a great opportunity too for all of us to act upon it. If it is true that the Hierarchy itself is active at this time, then there is an ever greater opportunity for us to act. Going through the water based Pisces has subtlety increased our sensitivity to maximise moments for full effect. This could well be one of those moments.

The downside to all that fire is of course frustration, moments of anger and definite impatience. This will be further fuelled from the fact that Mars, traditional ruler of the God of war, Aries, is sitting right on the ascendant in Sagittarius. Mars also trines the conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Vulcan, all in that 5th house. Ease of focus, drive and commitment, especially to one’s wills and desires could come about here.

Further adding more weight to the above is the fact that Mars is squaring Neptune in Pisces. If we look a little further we will see that Saturn, which is also in Sagittarius and in the 1st house with Mars, is also squaring the watery Chiron, Venus and south node, all also in Pisces. It is almost like Mars and Saturn will want us to plough ahead with our vision, our beliefs, with the way forward to our goals for which we will take strong responsibility. Pisces on the other hand will say be sensitive to what we do, look to heal, to think of the whole, do it with beauty.

The Libran full moon can help us find a way to balance the energies.

Thankfully in this case, we have the energy of the Moon in Libra. The scales of justice will ask us to weigh everything up, to not just drive forward without first thinking and weighing up all deeds. Libra in an air sign and with all air sign moons, lends some detachment to pure emotion. Given the fire expression coming through, this will allow us to hopefully take a step back and think a little before acting on pure will. A great opportunity exists, we just need to find the way to balance the energies. This is what a Libran full Moon can offer.

Vision, dedication, goal-focussed wisdom and one-pointedness surround this chart

As previously mentioned, Sagittarius is the ascendant of this chart. A layer of vision, of dedication, of goal-focussed wisdom and one-pointedness surrounds this chart. Sagittarius is said to rule the animal kingdom, with one of its symbols the man sitting on the horse with the bow and arrow of searching and aspiration in his hands. There seems to be a strong push for having right relations with the animal kingdom at the moment and today New Zealand made a land mark decision to recognise animals as sentient beings, a small step in a greater vision of the Earth to have balance in all of its kingdoms. The relations between Humans and animals needs to find a better balance, this will only continue with more force as we go along.

Sagittarius is also said to rule the path, a name given to the spiritual journey that we are all on. At this level, onepointed focus allows us to keep going as we need to overcome obstacles on the path that try to test us or look to side track us.

As we all know, fire can warm the hands or burn them, depending on how we use it. Yet the fire of love can burn all obstacles in its path and clear the way for pure life expression, if we allow it.

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Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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