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Cancer Sun Capricorn Full Moon 2018

Actual Full Moon: Thursday 28th June 2018, 2:53 pm AEST
Keynote: I build a lighted house and therein dwell.

As this year progresses at breakneck speed, we are now under the influence of the watery Cancer. Cancer is a very interesting sign and in some esoteric books, it is said that it offers the gateway into Humanity. The constellation of Cancer offers us a gateway into form and mass consciousness, while its opposite sign, Capricorn, offers us the gateway out and into our spirituality, free from form.

The above paragraph might not mean much initially, but upon further reflection, it offers us some interesting thought. Through this sign, we move into mass consciousness and connect into Humanity, through the opposite we are given the opportunity to leave or move out of our human existence. I see it as this: Cancer gives us an opportunity every year to really connect with our Human family and we do this on a higher spiral every year, so that every year there is a new layer of understanding of what it means to be Human, with all of its frailties. What could be better than that…?

Cancer is very much a sign of sensitivity, connecting us through intuition and using telepathic communication when the energy is flowing freely. Such energy and free interplay is becoming increasingly powerful and is used by us all, for which the internet is a kind of outer expression, even though we may not realise it. It is almost like the sign of Cancer is awakening us as Humans, and we are coming to realise are some of our latent abilities, such as telepathic communication.

I myself have a Cancer ascendant, meaning firstly that my physical body is ruled by this sign, but also and perhaps more importantly, I connect deeply with my Soul through the effects and influences of Cancer. And so intuition can come quite freely at times. Yet what is intuition, where and what are we actually accessing?

To answer this we have to go deep within, to retreat a little and go inside ourselves to see where we might access information that is given to us or is either felt or perhaps more importantly, known as a truth. Reflection, pondering, looking over things and waiting for understanding, are perhaps the gifts that Cancer can offer us. As it is a sign known for retreat and for more of a feminine and introverted energy, now is a great time to spend time alone with thought, at home or in nature, enquiring into life and evaluating intuition.

Astrology is about timing, about key moments in time when specific energies, beyond our understanding, become increasingly more apparent and create unique opportunities to use our intuition and push forward when we can, and also to hold back when it would be best. Cancer presents us with the opportunity to understand this, connecting us with its ruler the Moon, who is steeped in the past happenings of this planet.

The Moon rules Cancer on the traditional level, bringing in the influence of the Mother energy, the family, nurturing and safekeeping around a family structure. The symbolism of the crab is perfect here, with its hiding safely in its shell or in crevices in the ocean rocks. Such static safety is necessary, and can be used to full effect every year about this time, especially in the throes of winter in the southern hemisphere.

Yet this sign is also ruled by Neptune on the esoteric level, one that has quite a different influence. With the effect of this planet influencing Cancer, we sense more deeply and more spiritually, looking not only for the influence of our immediate Earth family, but in true inspiring Neptunian style, for that of our spiritual family as well. When this planet is influencing Cancer, we have the ability to be in touch with our spirituality, with our Soul through telepathic communication. From here, true intuition comes forth, straight from the source and we perhaps have a better understanding of what it means by Cancer being the gateway into Humanity, as we realise our true worth……………….

The chart is again relatively free from a lot of complexity at the moment. This has been like this for a little while and has allowed us all some breathing space. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the meeting between the US and North Korea. As mentioned above, astrology is all about timing and the right use of energies. During quiet times, there are chances to act upon energies contacted and put forth ready to be expressed. During times of complexity and massive crisis, this is not offered so we need to be much more adaptive.

One such potential issue during this Full Moon period is a Saturn/Moon conjunction opposite the Sun. Saturn restricting the Moon emotions can be a good thing, but during the Full Moon will perhaps make us feel somewhat blocked from expressing ourselves. The reality is Saturn is at home in Capricorn but the Moon isn’t, so there could be some delicate emotional issues coming to the surface, especially with the Cancer sensitivity.

Neptune is briefly in a grand trine with Jupiter and Vulcan, offering us wisdom and the will to intuit spiritual advice given from the Hierarchy and the Great Ashram. As Cancer is ruled by Neptune esoterically, this is an important aspect for us to capitalise on. It is all in water signs, so offers us a great chance to release parts of our astral nature, looking past the old habits with intuited wisdom, and with the will to act upon whatever needs releasing.

The ascendant at the time of the Full Moon is Sagittarius, adding the search for truth and aspiration for higher ideals. If we look at the influences of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, we could put the energies forward like this – The Full moon period will be a chance for deep reflection, and a great chance to use our intuition. It will be a time where you will enjoy structure to your emotions, with them keeping us from drowning in sensitivity. Overseeing our expression will be a search for higher meaning, with strong connection to our earth family and our Spiritual Home…….

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