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Capricorn and Aquarius Period 2018-2019

Actual Full Moon – Capricorn: Sunday 23rd December 2018 4:48 am AEDT (Time in Sydney Australia)
Actual Full Moon – Aquarius: Monday 21st January 4:16 pm AEDT (Time in Sydney Australia)

Due to the Christmas and New Year period, we will be offering one article covering both the Capricorn and Aquarius energies. It was an early Full Moon in the Sagittarius period, the Capricorn and Aquarian Full Moon periods also arrive early in each sign.

This time of year is always interesting. It can often be a sea of different emotions, both social and stressful at times. One thing is consistent though, once we get through the Sagittarius energy, things start to definitely change in Capricorn. For one thing, we move from a mutable and expansive fire sign to a dynamic and cardinal earth sign. Capricorn is also a peculiar sign, as is Aquarius that follows it, so the difference is quite tangible.

The Tibetan Master DK wrote some amazing things about Capricorn. Perhaps the one that always intrigues me the most is what he said in relation to the glyph of Capricorn. A glyph is the symbol that is attached to each sign. For Sagittarius, it is well known to be the arrow. For Aquarius, it is the wave-like lines, one over the other. For Capricorn, it is meant to represent a mountain goat with a tail, as in ancient literature Capricorn is said to be the sea goat….

Master DK seemed to suggest that the current glyph is perhaps an interpretation of the real symbol as he offered that if we had the correct visual of the Capricorn glyph, it would release an energy on the Earth that we are not yet ready for, such is the power of the symbol……..One can only begin to sense the power behind this sign, as he did not mention anything similar for any other signs of the zodiac, or certainly nothing of that degree.

He does offer other interesting points as well, all worthy of consideration. One of the most important is that Cancer is the gateway for us into Humanity and that Capricorn is the gateway out of form into spirit. Interesting for an earth sign to be the gateway out of Earth, but there you have it. What exactly does it mean?

Astrology can often make grand assumptions and big bold statements. As there is no current way of truly understanding its true effect, we can only go on what we see from history and personal effects from people who have major Capricorn influences as a guide. There does seem to be an underlying guide or pattern, and a truth that emerges if you study it long enough. From what I have seen and studied, I have begun to grasp some of the meaning of this, including Capricorn and its influence.

Capricorn reveals the mountain experience. This is very much the earth influence related to this sign. The mountain experience is so different for everyone. For some, it is the climbing above a personal battle or demons. For others, this extends out into the world to conquer a mountain of business or an organisation, slowly and surely climbing to the top and the peak. For those a little further on the path, their mountain is often a spiritual mountain, as they climb further and further to the peak, through all of the challenges of footing and the rarefied air that exists up there, yet eventually reaching the top.

For them it seems, the higher mantram of Capricorn seems to influence or overshadow them. The mantram given by the Tibetan Master DK is: “Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back”. The brilliance and the view from the peak of the mountain allows the recipient to bask in the view, to reflect on their achievements and feats and be satisfied with the conquering of their mountain, as they know the personal cost and sacrifice it took to get there. Yet the last part of the mantram is the part that sets them apart “yet on that light I turn my back”……

Having conquered the mountain and entered into a free state, they stand as a sannyasin, free in all worlds. Yet the beauty of that state is shaken by the call or cry of Humanity, lost in its depths of living in the material world. You could say that Capricorn can be advanced materialism, one where the material and tangible is understood to be what it is, a tool for our learning to experience life here. For so long we believe we are the physical body, yet we are so much more. In Capricorn, we experience higher initiation, and we realise we are beyond the physical and are spiritual, hence the gateway out into the spiritual world.

The cry of Humanity, the collective sound of billions of Souls, reaches the ears of the conqueror in Capricorn, and so they head back down from the light supernal to help and show others the way up their own mountains. This leads on beautifully to the next sign Aquarius, the world server…..

We are fast approaching the Age of Aquarius, one where the influence of this sign will condition our way of life. It is known as the sign of the world server, one where the symbol of the water bearer pouring forth his wisdom to others holds sway. From that visual, the glyph of the 2 squiggly wave-like lines seems to flow naturally. What is contained within the giant pot that the water bearer pours forth? Water, yes, but what else?

Aquarius is an air sign. The 2 lines of the glyph actually look like lines of electricity as much as waves. Electricity and the power of it have moved us forward in evolution since it was discovered and harnessed. Yet in many of the books written by Alice Bailey, the Tibetan Master DK suggests that there will be more revelation regarding electricity as we learn its true significance. Could we be entering that stage now, as we move fully into the Age of Aquarius?

The time is definitely right. We are living in a time where we are exceeding our mental abilities and are learning the power of directed thought, especially in groups. Have you ever noticed the potency of a group meditation, where all members align to the best of their ability and use their free and directed will to focus on a particular theme? This is directed and unified thought, a trademark of the coming age. Imagine how we will be able to use this to solve the world’s current problems?

This will become more and more an important catalyst for us. As the energies of Aquarius move and influence us, I believe we will be drawn more and more towards service of and to others, as that is one of the major hallmarks of this sign. It does not mean martyrdom. That was more aligned with the Piscean age. This is service together, with groups of people, unified and using the mind to complete a goal.

As a follow on from the Capricorn story, the initiate or the one who has climbed the mountain, treads back down the mountain after turning his back on the light supernal. They then head into the cries of Humanity and look to serve. The higher mantram for Aquarius is “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men”. The thirst comes from those wanting to learn more, to be in closer contact with their higher selves and wanting to evolve and move back towards their spiritual home.

The collective use of the mind is paramount here. Fixed air expression, with purpose and with group, can achieve amazing things. In some ways, it is a relief to know that not everything needs to be done by oneself. In fact, it is much more potent and relevant to be using our minds in and as a group, backed by the Aquarian energies.

Numerically, next year is a 3 year. If you add 2+0+1+9 together you get 12, then 3. This current year of 2018 has been a 2 or a Master 11 year, depending on how the energies affected you personally. The 3 year will bring things together, weaving and matching complex networks with each other. It should be a year full of communication, a great time to write a book, with ideas flowing.

Astrologically, the Christmas and new-year period will offer a few things. Uranus will station and go direct in January, meaning it then begins its movement back towards Taurus, which it enters in March and remains there until 2025. There are a few articles written about Uranus in Taurus. One of the themes that seems to come up is revolution and freedom. Are we on the cusp of a long-awaited change in the entire structure that we live by?

Taurus will see focus on money, love, art, values and the Earth itself, plus more. Add the electric and unconventional Uranus to the above and it will be an interesting time. The last time Uranus was in Taurus we had the Great Depression and the lead up to World War 2. Money and its value were obviously highlighted. I wonder what will come about this time. Will we see the same type of thing, something similar, and something different?

It will be interesting to see the things we will anchor on Earth. Uranus’ time in Aries will have seen many things come into ideas for people, like sparks from a fire…. when it moves into Taurus we should see those ideas come into manifestation, anchored here on Earth in physical matter.

All New Year periods are a time to renew and reset. Let this time be the same for you. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, build on things that you have already thought of and know. Time to anchor them into your life. Time to scale your own mountain, though collectively you will see we are all doing the same. Time to use the power of your mind, in unison with others.

A special time!!!

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