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Capricorn Sun Cancer Full Moon 2020

Full Moon: Saturday 11th January 6:21 am AEDT (time in Sydney, Australia)

It has been an interesting start to 2020 already. Australia has had bushfires of the like that no one can remember ever seeing before. Vast lands, the size of countries have been burnt. Many animals have perished, the number being spoken about is 500 million. Many properties have been lost and people have had to evacuate areas where they were holidaying, in numbers we have not previously seen either.

The response from the community has been nothing short of staggering. The money that has been raised by the community has been phenomenal. People have opened their hearts and wallets in a time of great need. Others that live and come from overseas, but visit Australia and love this country, were so moved by some of the pictures they were seeing that they gave money in the vicinity of hundreds of thousands, some millions.

What we can see from all this tragedy is that the heart of Humanity is alive and well. People understand the significance of these moments and can look past blaming others and focus on what is needed right now in the present, what they can do in response and what they are capable of doing.

Of course, Australia is not the only area of the world experiencing problems. The US has begun a course of events that could very well end in some major conflict. This is not a new experience for them. It has been an interesting time though, with the motives of their actions very much being questioned from abroad, but perhaps more importantly, deep within their own country and from their own people.

No longer does the whole of Humanity just accept the decisions and actions from the elite few who are in power. Now mostly everything is held up to the light of truth to be questioned, motives dissected and deliberated on, discussions held. Everything has a reaction. Nothing can be seen as not affecting a greater whole, as we are becoming very much aware that all actions have a ripple effect.

In this current Capricorn period, we are very much experiencing a greater initiatory moment. As we can see by world events, the stakes are getting higher and higher. Events are more acute and more powerful in nature. We are definitely entering a stage on the Earth where everything is being seen for what it is, regardless of the denials from those that seemingly appear to lose the most, when in fact, material objects are the most subject to change, as we enter into more light.

We kicked off the Sun’s journey in Capricorn with the Global Silent Minute, where people from all over the world stopped and paused in silence for a minute, all at the same time. Those on the other side of the veil were invited to assist us in creating peace and harmony on the Earth, alongside their Human brothers and sisters. This was an amazing moment, one that shows the current state of Humanity and where we are heading in regard to our evolution.

Sagittarius is said to be the sign of silence, so having the Global Silent Minute on the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn period is not coincidental. To me, Capricorn definitely continues this period of quiet reflection, as we can see over the Christmas and New Year’s period. Once the craziness of the lead up to Christmas eases, people are left with time to reflect and ponder the finish of the current year and the starting of a new one. This is the same whether you are in the northern hemisphere (snow and cold) or the southern (summer holidays).

The change comes as we head into the new year and the second and third weeks of Capricorn. The energy changes and we begin to think about business and work again (Capricorn rules business).

For this year though, we have a transit on the 12/13th of January which has been spoken about for years now, the Saturn/Pluto/Sun conjunction. This will more than likely rock the business world in some way, changing and transforming the way we do business. One example might be how making money is put before the greater needs of both people and the other inhabitants of the Earth, the animal and plant kingdoms.

The current fires in Australia have again continued the debate on many financial matters that we face. How certain profits for a few are put before the greater needs of many. How resources are shared, with aspects of money-making put before greater consideration of the environment.

Having Saturn involved in this major transit will definitely bring in the aspect of major Karma, to those involved. Saturn always takes his dues – not in a way most people think in regard to punishment – but in a balancing of the ledger. Pluto itself will do the revealing, transforming as it does, yet Saturn will hold those accountable that need to be. I would caution those who are in power (Pluto rules power and death) that they need to bear in mind the consequences of their decisions and actions. A Saturn/Pluto conjunction (with the Sun added at the time of the Full Moon) is not to be taken lightly, as it is a rare and powerful occurrence and is here to shake the trees of form.

The higher mantra for Capricorn is ‘Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back’, suggesting that in this sign more than in any other, there is the greatest chance to enter into the light. Capricorn rules the mountain of ascent, climbing the peaks of our lives to attain the best that we can reach. The reward from that climb is light supernal, but as the mantra suggests, on that light we turn our backs, as we hear the cries from our brothers and sisters down the mountain.

A powerful time full of great transitions, with the hand of Saturn in everything we do. The world is yearning for great change, we are on the cusp of something special. The Heart of Humanity is flowering and with it, the Life of the Soul is coming to fruition.

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