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Celestial Geometries

This 11-minute video features the celestial geometry of the solar system traced by the ‘compound cycles’ between its main Planets: living geometries or ‘psycho-geometries’ that make up the energy frames of forms and events on each planet.
In particular, it presents the “psycho-geometries” of the 5 and 6 pointed Stars of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, as well as the Square set by the Uranus-Neptune cycle.

This video was originally composed for a study group of esoteric Philosophy based in northern Italy, a group structured and regulated according to the septenary Law and its harmonic Order of 7×7 or 49 Functions/Vortices (see video: “The Star Groups – https://youtu.be/mXql6SI1_Oo).

See also the video: “The Compound Cycles” (in Italian) https://youtu.be/y9V3o0fLdJM

As for the theme of Cycles, see the text “From linear to cyclic time” (http://en.theplanetarysystem.org/files/2012/12/TPS-From-linear-to-cyclical-time.pdf) in the Documents section (http://en.theplanetarysystem.org/documents/) of the Planetary System (TPS) website in 3 languages (http://theplanetarysystem.org).

For articles related to this “working direction”:- Cycles: http://blog-it.theplanetarysystem.org/category/7-ordinamento/cicli/

For the concept of Psycho-geometry see, always in the TPS Documents section, the text: “Psychogeometry of the Golden Section” (http://en.theplanetarysystem.org/files/2012/12/TPS-Psychogeometry-of-the-Golden-Section.pdf).

For the TPS project, the Sowing of “Ideas, Formulas and Forms for a new Culture and Civilization”, see the page of the Manifesto (http://en.theplanetarysystem.org) and the other items in the menu.

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