Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Hidden Elephant Camera | Waterhole: Africa’s Animal Oasis | BBC Earth

In this 3-minute video from BBC Earth, remote cameras capture life at a specially built African waterhole.

The BBC Studios Natural History Unit has worked with Mwiba Wildlife Reserve in Tanzania to build the world’s first waterhole with a built-in specialist camera rig.   The creation of this waterhole  showed such a simple counter balance to climate change in this wildlife reserve in Tanzania. One of the effects of climate change is the drying of rivers and the loss of water sources for wildlife, particularly through the long hot summers.

So as an experiment, this group built two adjacent water holes, with water sourced from underground. The underground water would get replenished every rainy season, so it was completely sustainable. They installed some great cameras both for daylight and night-time capture. They quickly got over 200 species visiting the water holes daily – from elephants to birds and everything in between.

What a simple counter balance to climate change – to provide the water which is essential to life and will help prevent extinction of species.

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