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June 2023 Astrology Forecast

This 13-minute video from Kathy Rose is for the June 2023 Astrology Forecast.

Kathy says that June should be quite a month, as we have the dynamic ingredients in place for an examination, or comparison, of the opposing styles of leadership – on the one hand, that of demonstrating ego, greed and a strong focus on outer power, versus that which is based upon service, selflessness and inner power.

She also says that with Venus in Leo, it is a perfect time for expanding your presence through utilising your Heart Chakra:-

[6:10] This incredible period says connect with Harmony, grace, beauty and heart chakra energy; and let that radiate through your heart chakra while you operate with confidence and beauty, and radiate your leadership.”

[11:33] You can you can stand with your beauty, your presence and your confidence; and you can let it flow through your heart engaging love in everything you do.”

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