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Leo Sun – Aquarius Full Moon 2021

Full Moon: Saturday 24th July 12:36pm AEST

It is with a bit of optimism that I sit down to write this article for this month. Not because the world is now healed of its ills and problems that plague it. No that is still quite paramount. I sit here basking in the change of the energy shift at the moment as the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo – a shift from the reserved and more home bound sign of Cancer (more of that in a bit), to the more expressive and energetic fire of Leo.

For those of us living in Sydney and now for Melbourne as well, plus many other areas of the globe, these are trying times. We are in a lockdown here in Sydney which keeps getting extended and extended. If I was an astrologer advising the government, I would suggest a lockdown during the month of the Sun’s sojourn through Cancer, as I would know that people would be more willing to stay at home.

Cancer loves the security of the home, the fuzzy feeling that you get from being tucked up under blankets with a warm cup of tea and the heater or fire on, safe and secure in the protective realm of the shell. Staying at home at this time is a blessing – eating food, sleeping, watching TV and reading books. The Cancerian nature is at home during this wintery time in Australia (it is a different expression for those in the northern hemisphere).

For those who are homeless, there is an entirely different set of circumstances for them, as they try to seek shelter from the freezing elements and look to get nourishing meals from wherever they can. They do not have a home to be locked into, they survive by staying warm and attending many of the free food shelters that are in and around the city. It is more about survival.

The change of the energies from Cancer to Leo is often welcomed, especially for those who do not like to be cocooned in the house or the family setting. For them, the energy of Leo brings creative endeavours, expressive energy which projects outwards. Leo is one for shining its light, just like its ruler, the Sun. It is not for the shadows; it is not for being at the back. It wants centre stage, right up the front, and it wants to be seen. “I am That and That am I’ is the keynote.

What then do you have if people are still confined to their houses, as people in Europe and other parts of the world are enjoying their Summer? Definite restlessness. Leo wants to explore its pride lands, to wander its kingdom, to interact and to be social. It can handle periods of inactivity, but these are just moments where the energy levels are restored, and the focus is realigned. Sustained suppression of expression is not what the energy of Leo is about. It needs expression, it requires an outlet.

This could come through creative endeavours at home, new ideas, the garden, painting etc, but at some stage, there will be a bursting of the seams and the internal energy will pour out. That is the energy of signs, that is why we have seasons and periods of influence – each sign, planet, body has an influence and for us, we do our best to maximise that energy use the best way we can. This is what the Masters talk about with the Law of Economy.

Going against the tide usually ends up in more hardship, a futile attempt at swimming against an overwhelming force. This force is there for a reason, it exists for reasons that are beyond us, it is up to us to best use that by working with it. How we do that is up to us of course, that is why we are here. We are here to express ourselves as best as we can and to do that in the greater sphere, allowing the presence of the One Life to emanate out.

This current Leo energy will be very interesting. As I mentioned above, the fire of Leo is expressive. Part of Leo’s role is to provide us with an understanding of our own divine essence. In Leo we understand our divine right of being – the nature of the opposing sign (Aquarius) shows us how this divine light expresses in a greater group. It does not lend itself to suppression, and the more that is applied then the more resistance will follow.

We still have the Saturn/Uranus square playing out. We all know what field of energy that square has provided this year. The Sun will throw another dynamic element into this situation during the period of the 2nd of August to the 6th – first opposing Saturn and then squaring Uranus. It will be a powerful T-square.

For those 4-5 days and even a few days either side, I expect an intensifying of the energies (if that is even possible). The fire of Leo will offer just that, fiery expression. The sleepy (long effecting) yet powerful square between the signs of Aquarius and Uranus will go up a notch, as the lion of Leo roars and adds to the mix.

I think we will see increasing social and economic disruption around the world, but this time backed from people who truly seek to express their divine right to live, move and have their being on this Earth. I cannot see people wanting to wait any longer to open up the world again. I think there will be a bursting of the dam walls, a point of no return.

Perhaps what will defuse this situation somewhat will be the return of Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter has spent the last 2 months in Pisces and now returns for a visit in Aquarius. It will re-enter the sign of the water bearer on the 28th of July and stay there until the 29th of December, a bit after the last Saturn/Uranus exact square.

I suspect that having the wise and opportunistic Jupiter back in the sign of the new age (also its esoteric ruler) will add some clarity and wisdom to current events. For the last 2 months it has been in Pisces and it has seemed as though there was a fog of illusion over many, clouding their spiritual vision. The coming 5 months might add some understanding, especially after Jupiter stops retrograding on the 20th of October.

As usual, we are living in extremely interesting times. The energy of Leo will assert our divine right to live, to move and to have our being. We do our best by responding to the energies available and doing the best we can

About Stephen Bayliss

Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.


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