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Libra Sun Aries Full Moon 2016

Libra is one of the most dynamic signs of the zodiac. It is cardinal air, meaning there is a strong element of active mind intertwined in its expression. It is represented by the scales of justice, so there is absolutely no surprise that it is involved with laws, man-made at its lowest, spiritual law at its highest.

The traditional ruler of Libra is Venus. Venus also rules Taurus and together it gives both those signs a real affinity with the expression of beauty. While Taurus loves to acquire beautiful things, predominately physical due to its being an earth sign, Libra expresses that Venusian energy through more arty and interior decorating pursuits. These rely on a stronger mind element, but still retain the same element of expressed beauty.

Interestingly, the esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus. This completely changes the expression of its energy on the soul level. Uranus gives a real sense of free thinking and change to the quieter peaceful energy of Libra, making Libra a force of change. Whenever new laws are to be implemented, some major transit or powerful planet will probably be expressing through Libra.

Perhaps even more interestingly is the Hierarchical ruler of Libra, Saturn. From the surface of the peace loving, Venus expressing energy that is Libra, we have Saturn expressing at the highest level. It is interesting that Saturn is called the Lord of Karma, the keeper of time. Is there any stronger planet of justice and the paying back of dues, of fairness and right expression than Saturn? It is almost so well planned that it cannot be considered a coincidence…….

The higher mantram for Libra is “I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force”. In this higher mantram, you have the true essence of the expression of Libra. The symbolism of the scales, is to find the all-important balance of life. We have expressed emotion for a millennium, flitting between the two sides of up and down, yin and yang, male and female. As we head into the Aryan race, we need to use the mind to see through the two sides of emotion to find spiritual will. In Libra we are helped to do this, as its very essence is to find the way between the two great lines of force, finding the middle ground….

So we as a Human race are coming up to a stage in our development where some important decisions need to be made. Our planet is careening into a brick wall at full neck speed with our choices on environmental and resource exploitation, our leaders bicker and argue over keeping our old way of living while the world resets and begins a new age of living. I think this next year from this full moon onwards, up until the conclave where the masters will meet in 2025 will see many important decisions made, decisions where the future groove of planetary expression will be laid out and initiated, all from higher spiritual forces currently impressing upon us a new direction to live.

Looking at the chart at the time of the full moon and staying upon the above thread, we note that Jupiter has begun its sojourn through Libra. Reference is always given to Jupiter as it is the esoteric ruler of Aquarius and we are well and truly on our way to the Aquarian cycle. It spends roughly a year through each sign, so its movements are always catalysts for changes wrought out in the fire of living.

Jupiter is also upon the 2nd Ray of Love and wisdom, as is the Sun. We also live in a 2nd Ray Solar system, so its energy is always influential. Moving into the dynamic and influential Libra means that new decisions will be made. One needs to think no further than the U.S elections to see how a very important decision needs to be made in relation to not only a president, but a way of thinking. In true Libran style both sides are being weighed up, yet many people are not happy with either way of thinking. One is so right wing, so contemptuous and disruptive, so blatantly backward with a view of making America great again, one can see the past written and etched into all of his being. The other one is much more conservative, yet in that is a sense of “been there and done that”, of the same, of not quite progressing, of establishment, even though she will be of course the first female president. Perhaps out of this energy of Libra, Jupiter is allowing us to see the new paradigm in politics, one that chooses the way between the two great lines of force……

The Moon will be in Aries at the time of its fullness, making it a fire moon. This will intensify feeling and expression, both leading up to the full moon and just after. Further adding to this is Uranus, sitting conjunct with the Moon. This will add a very strong dynamic, with both being expressed in Aries the God of War. Both Uranus and Aries are the bringers of the new, one the seeker of it and the other the initiator of it. This will stand in complete opposition to the Sun in Libra. We might need all of Libra’s peacekeeping abilities to tone down the fire expression of the Moon/Uranus energy, thankfully it doesn’t last for long, but its impact could be strong.

Adding further challenge to the expressing energies will be from Mars/Pluto both in Capricorn, squaring most of the Libran energy. Mars/Pluto won’t stay together long, but being in another cardinal sign will make it a very dynamic square. Expect death of forms, pushed along with quick action.

Perhaps the saving grace of this chart, besides the beautiful Sun energy in Libra, will be the Aquarian Ascendant at the time of the full moon. Throughout all the decisions to be made and fire energy to be expressed, will be the Aquarian water bearer pouring forth its wisdom to thirsty men. It’s times like these where I know that no matter what we are presented with, the shining light of the Divine will always be coming through, offering us love and the chance for greater light, whether we see it or not…..

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Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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