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Libra Sun Aries Full Moon 2017

ACTUAL FULL MOON:Friday 6th October 4:40am AEST ((Time in Sydney, Australia.
Daylight Saving ADD ONE HOUR)

As you might have seen recently, the United Nations are in the spotlight at the moment. With Libran energies highlighted due to the Sun’s movement through this sign, the U.N have been brought to our attention. Various leaders’ speeches have been broadcast, grabbing our thoughts. Peace and diplomacy is sorely needed, as we look to head off a nuclear threat yet again.

Libra is bringing into our awareness a greater sense of justice

The United Nations exist to provide a model for us to live in the future, one where All nations will be considered as part of a whole, not just the select few. It still has a lot of work to do to get to that stage, but it will happen one day, whether it be in the current form or another that suits the needs of Humanity….Libra is pushing this, I believe, bringing into our awareness a greater sense of justice. It is very easy to see one point of view, much harder to see another, especially when they look so polarized. Finding the middle ground is one of the strengths we gain through Libra, a pertinent sign for these current times

Libra is a cardinal sign, which gives it a real dynamic influence. On the surface this sign is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty. Yet the Soul ruler of this sign is Uranus, one of the planets most associated with the coming age and bringing in the new. As we know from history, there has probably been no stage in our human existence when new ideas were not met with some sort of resistance initially, or even many years on. Without a cardinal sign giving the stimulus, nothing would get started or begin anew. Libra uses this energy well to push the new.

Libra rules law, and there are times when laws need to change and when a higher interpretation of a spiritual law is working its way into manifestation. At these times a push from a cardinal sign can seem anything but peaceful…..Yet the true purpose is one of fairness. If the greater life of whom we live and move and have our being is pushing through its will and expression, then we have to respond to this and adapt accordingly.

Saturn rules Libra at its Hierarchical level. The Lord of Karma rules over with an even fairness of balancing energies, though it does not look like it a lot of the time. My guess is some major rebalances of karma are on the way, one that may look and feel ugly, yet when the dust clears, a newer appreciation will be found if we can see it. For the use of energies which have been more personality based, one senses a rebalancing, as the Earth is currently out of balance. I think when Saturn influences at this level, we can be sure that the balance will happen, as it applies through a cardinal force.

The third Ray of Creative Intelligence is the ruler of this sign. Libra is an air sign so the link to intelligence is a line of least resistance. I think Libra uses the Ray 3 energy well, weaving a matrix of relationships and connections to others in an intelligent and airy way. However, it can be used to be manipulative, using the skill of negotiation and ability with words to tip the scales in one’s own benefit. Even so, Libra is perfectly placed to offer us the use of effective, creative intelligence, balancing it so we use it for the common good. Let’s choose to use this current energy wisely……


The chart for the exact time of the full moon suggests some polarizing energies. Most of the personal planets are in Virgo and Libra and they are opposing Uranus, the Moon, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Aries. This seems to perfectly sum up the energies of the moment, with so much divide between two lines of thought or expression. It is almost like we are being forced to choose. Interestingly the higher mantram for Libra is “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force”. Here the essence is to choose, and also between the two great lines of force….

Librans are known for the indecisiveness, mostly as they see both sides and feel for both, making a decision difficult. But what if the options of the two are not complete and there needs to be something taken from both and also an essential missing truth found in the middle?  I believe the energies are leading us into seeing this. Choosing the way explains how important it is that we choose, not be led like sheep. Cardinal energy at its finest here. Between the two great lines of force shows us that there is inbuilt within the universe great opposing forces, yet within all is one, so the differing forces are an illusion….

Mars and Venus are both in Virgo currently, so in essence the male and female sides of us have a similar energy. At the time of the full moon, both are conjunct at almost exactly the same degree. This I think is significant, especially in Virgo, which rules the mother and is represented by the maiden. I think it highlights a greater understanding and balancing of male and female coming together, and something new being born in this relationship of the sexes. Perhaps we are understanding that yes, we are different, but in essence the human form is just that, a form, and while we wear it this life, we are all one at our core.

The Moon is in Aries at the time of the full moon, making this a fire moon. Expect a highlighted, more direct and feisty emotional state around us. Aries likes to get things done, while Libra will want to weigh things up first. How to balance the two is our challenge. I think we can use that Aries directness and impulsiveness to break through any inertia weighing us down. Yet as with all relationships with others, and Libra rules relationships, being considerate is always best.

The Ascendant ruling over this chart is Virgo, giving the airy Libran energy an earthy flavour. This will perhaps give us some grounding, keeping us from being too much in the Libran clouds or getting too caught up in the Aries fire emotion. I think it will give us a practicality and allow us to continue to try to work harmoniously for better, more peaceful solutions to our problems. As always the Great Architect has set things up perfectly, we just need to use the energies in a more thoughtful way…..The challenge is ours….

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