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Libra Sun Aries Full Moon 2020

Actual Full Moon: Friday 2nd October 7:05am AEST

The month where the Sun passes in front of Libra, from our view on Earth, is always an interesting one in the yearly astrological cycle. Firstly, it signifies the change of seasons, from either Winter to Spring in the southern hemisphere or from Summer to Fall/Autumn in the northern hemisphere. The ideology of balance, of equality and evenness is paramount here. Even day and night, even part of a yearly cycle of growth, death and rebirth (seasons) and of course from an astrological point of view, halfway through the year.

All of the above sits well with Libra, the sign of the zodiac which is symbolised by scales of evenness and justice. This sign seeks to correct the ledger so that one side is not overly dominant, and we end up finding true balance, in a way that is fair for all. This is of course very possible, but many things need to happen before we arrive at such a perfect balance of differing energies. Libra assists us to do this through its varying degrees of influence.

On the traditional level, Libra is ruled by Venus. Here it leads with a strong influence toward seeking aesthetic beauty, of attraction to others with the end goal of seeking unison and balance with the environment. Libra influences culturally, reaching for learning and growth in the outer world with a never-ending search for love and balance, and all through the filter of the element of Air. Intellectual refinery is what I think of with Libra, as the perfect attainment of beauty is the ultimate expression at this level.

As we begin to go deeper, we see that the esoteric or Soul ruler of Libra is Uranus, which would be considered a sharp right-hand turn from the influences of Venus. Uranus seeks the new and ushers it in, not caring about upsetting the relaxed and refined environment created in the influence of Venus, and indeed making sure to stir the stagnant pot of safe energies that were holding the Soul back through inertia.

When we look at this above interplay, we can definitely relate the higher mantra of Libra – “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force” – and can begin to understand its meaning. While under the influence of Venus, Libra begins to magnetically attract both sides of life (spirit and matter, yin and yang, male and female) and from that, learns to find the conscious element that is produced from the understanding of the two sides. From there, there is a weighing up (scales of justice and balance) of the experiences learned and a choosing of the way forward.

Uranus leads this change, as it is a provocative influence and knows that nothing in Life is stagnant. There are cycles of pause, yet there is never truly a cessation of movement and growth, especially when referring to spirit. Uranus comes in with Ray 7 influence, which manifests Spirit into form. We could say that it transforms, through alchemy, the understanding gleaned through the attraction of opposite forces and manifests them out into the outer world, creating a new way. Such is the gift of Libra on a Soul Level.

On the Hierarchal level, Libra is ruled by Saturn, which like the Earth is ruled by Ray 3, as is Libra. Ray 3 rules consciousness itself and is very much related to both astrology and mental plane activity, sitting perfectly with Libra as it is an air sign. These 2 together make a powerful connection – with the balancing of opposites and the correction of Karma without emotion all expressing from this union. Saturn balances the ledger and there is no escaping its ring-pass-not. The rings are an outer manifestation of its relationship or commitment to not leaving the atmosphere (or Earth) until all dues have been corrected. Until that time, the rings act as a barrier to the progression past the influence of the planet. Is it any wonder that Saturn is the last planet we see through the naked eye? Only through Saturn and the correction of energies here on Earth can we possibly go further into the outer realms of this Solar system (symbolic of our progression in evolution).

Mentioning Saturn is poignant, as it is heavily involved with current astrological transits. Firstly, its conjunction with Pluto in January started mass upheaval on the planet. The arrival of Jupiter then expanded this effect, initiating some of what we have seen in regard to world events this year. Recently the square from Mars in Aries begun some major pushback to authoritarian controls which Saturn lent itself to (we still choose how we use the particular current energies).

Lastly, Saturn will again be involved when it begins its 2.5-year hike back into Aquarius in December 2020 where it will be joined by Jupiter, starting another round of important and needed changes on Earth. This effect will be quite different to the transit of Pluto/Saturn and Jupiter through Capricorn, as Aquarius is very much related to the broader community and is the incoming cyclic influence as we move away from the Piscean Age.

Libra is thus very significant at this time. As many people are reaching a point in evolution where they are beginning a major push forward on the Path towards their Souls, Libra assists this. The Tibetan Master through the books by Alice Bailey said that the sign of Libra is one where the turning of the wheel begins and we thus progress from an involutionary arc to an evolutionary one. Libra allows us to take time to pause, reflect, weigh up, then choose our way forward through the attraction of opposites which has held us in thrall for so long. From there we progress symbolically through the sign of Scorpio and the trials of discipleship and the tests along the Path.

I found it interesting that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on the 18th of September 2020. We were very much in the cusp of the Virgo and Libra energies at that time. She was a symbol of justice herself and fought for gender equality throughout her life, helping with legislation and influencing many people. She was also only the second female to serve on the US Supreme court. Her death and the timing of it serves as her last gift to Humanity for this life, with her being a Pisces and the ability of Pisceans to act along the line of World Saviours.

And so, it is with Libra this year, as we have more moments to pause, reflect, weigh up, balance and then with full permission of Uranus, progress forward towards our Souls, making new changes and leaving old worn-out forms behind us. The Path is never easy, yet a new Path must be forged so that the new incoming energies have a direction to go. Like RBG, we have a chance to be pioneers for the changes we wish to see, knowing full well that the current energetic field is primed for this and will assist us when our hearts are heard and the truth is sought.


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