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Pisces Sun – Virgo Full Moon 2016

Spiritual sensitivity and inner focus on oneself, leading to outward expression on behalf of others is the keynote here, if we use the energies available to us.

The sign of Pisces is perhaps the least personal of all, rounding out the astrological year in a universal essence of absorption into the one life. Like water in the ocean, Pisces blends with its environment effortlessly, changing, moulding and manipulating to suit the outward or inward environment. Its strength lies in this absorption and changing mutability, providing adaptation and flow, a trait very much needed in this new and emerging world that we live in.

Pisces allows us fantastic sensitivity, something we can use to connect with spirit

Of course, like everything, we need to be careful not to lose our sense of identity completely, as can happen with over absorption into the oceanic and universal influence of Pisces. A balance is needed to maintain that happy equilibrium, otherwise oversensitivity and loss of identification can ensue. Pisces allows us fantastic sensitivity, something we can use to connect with spirit, deepen our meditation and intuit current energies. Perhaps that’s why the symbol for Pisces is the feet, allowing the feet and body to be touching the earth while the emotions and mind are communing with the subjective. That connection to earth can provide a stability to have your heads in the clouds, but your feet on the ground.

Pisces is mutable water, the water element giving Pisces amazing healing abilities. Many healers, artists and writers have strong Pisces in their charts, giving them the sensitivity and compassion needed to help others or inspire them. They are often very good at energy work, using an inner subjective connection to assist others with letting go.

Pisces is definitely the sign for letting it go, as, symbolically, we finish our journey through the astrological wheel in this sign. We can be assured that the only thing we take with us will be our experience and consciousness when we no longer incarnate, nothing else would merge back with spirit or life or the universal.

The energy of Pisces is also often linked to the saviour energy. We are leaving the Piscean age, heading into the Aquarian age. Christ the world saviour, initiated the Piscean age and brought with him the energy of the saviour, inaugurating the start of a new way for us to evolve. This can be seen with the mantram for Pisces “I leave the Father’s home and turning back, I save”. Often at this time, it is said that the energy of the Christ is strong around us. With the sensitivity that Pisces brings, it is a time where we can really connect with this energy, allowing it into our hearts to direct our thoughts and actions.

Quiet reflection and a detachment from overreaction is highly recommended during this time.

As we also head into the spiritual festival of the year, which begins with the full moon in Aries, we will notice an increase in intensity of energy and outer life happenings, coming from a definite inner tension and build up. At the end of the Piscean period, mid-March, this can become very palpable, as the cross-over of water – Pisces, and fire – Aries, allows this energy to be acutely present for us. Quiet reflection and a detachment from overreaction is highly recommended during this time.

The presented chart for the full moon sees the Pisces sun in the 1st house. This suggests that this full moon will see a strong identification with the Piscean energy, mentioned above. Neptune and Chiron are also both in Pisces, meaning that water and issues with water, refugees crossing water, the ocean etc. will be highlighted during this period. The south node is there as well, so we will be comfortable with the expression of this Piscean energy, but this is not always a good thing.

We would probably do well to look at the opposite of this, the north node in Virgo. Virgo is a sign based upon service, upon work and also purification. It is an earth sign, so is tangible, but the substance is of a lighter purification. Jupiter is in Virgo, its highest hierarchical expression, lending all of its wisdom and expansion to this. There is something in Virgo that we are currently working towards, our dharma or purpose.

The moon will be in Virgo during the time it is full. This will allow us to analyse, sort through and discriminate our emotions and ideas that we intuit with the extra sensitive Piscean energy abounding. This will be very useful as it will allow us to find balance, if we use it wisely. Of course we can over analyse our emotions and cut off our connection with spirit also, so the opposites need to be balanced.

Uranus is in Aries and is in the 3rd house at the time of the full moon. It perhaps suggests some time of communication or teaching coming which is new and progressive. Some new idea or invention that we might have, either globally or locally. It is trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, which will want us to put the idea into a structural form and be responsible for it. They are both in fire, which means it will be something dynamic, something related to creativeness, to spirit, to activity or the initiation of the new.

Saturn is still squared by a retrograding Jupiter. Jupiter might want us to forget our responsibilities, to expand on them before they are concrete or established, before the vision or idea is entrenched and set forth. This of course can be a bonus as it might allow us to see another, better way, to be flexible or adapt to something we did not see or for something we only half perceived.

The ascendant at the time of the full moon is Aquarius, the water bearer. With a focus on Piscean energy for this month, how lucky are we that we have the water bearer there bringing a container and a fixed energy for the expression of the Piscean water. The mantram for Aquarius is “Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men”. I see this as a bonus, having this as the ascendant, as it layers this chart with some fixed purpose. Much can be achieved here, especially leading up to the spiritual festival at the full moons of Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

Spiritual sensitivity and inner focus on oneself, leading to outward expression on behalf of others is the keynote here, if we use the energies available to us.

One feels that the Christ is close in all of this and that His reappearance is becoming more of a reality.

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